Through the Vital SustainAbility Initiative, ScholarLeaders collaborates with leading theological institutions in the Majority World to clarify their missions and create strategic plans for sustainability.

VSI exemplifies our focus on promoting effective entrepreneurial and executive leadership in addition to theological and educational leadership.

From among hundreds of dedicated schools, ScholarLeaders has invited a few to work with us to cultivate more sustainable institutions that can attract, retain, encourage, and enable more and better-qualified leaders. As we concentrate on these strategic few, VSI also has its sights on 200 Majority World schools that are instrumental in the Global Church. We reach these through publications and partnerships.

Currently, 30% of the leaders we support through LeaderStudies are part of strategic faculty development plans at VSI client schools. Historically, only 14% of all graduated leaders have served at these schools, revealing the focus VSI brings to faculty development at individual schools and to our LeaderStudies program.