Vital Sustainability Initiative

Through the Vital Sustainability Initiative, Scholar Leaders collaborates with leading theological institutions in the Majority World to clarify their missions and create strategies for sustainability.

The Vital Sustainability Initiative (VSI) exists to strengthen the Church in the Majority World, by helping leading schools of theology to define strategies that will enable them to pursue their mission, in their specific contexts, with vitality and sustainability.

We work with executive leaders and their teams to help them analyze and enhance the main areas of their institutions, especially:

  • Board development and leader care.
  • Alignment of formation, programs, and continued education to the school’s mission.
  • Faculty development according to the current and future needs of the programs.
  • Improvement of administrative and financial processes for strategic decision-making.
  • Use of the infrastructure to facilitate services and activities.

As we concentrate on leading schools, VSI also has its sights on other Majority World schools that are instrumental in the Global Church. We engage these schools by partnering with the regional associations of theological education. We also reach them through publications and other resources.