Valéria Motta Dos Santos in Brazil

Dear Friends,

Thank you for joining us in prayer for Dr. Valéria Motta dos Santos in Brazil.

Brazil, the largest and most populous country in Latin America, is known for its Amazon rainforests, Carnival festivals, and Christ the Redeemer statue overlooking Rio de Janeiro. Of Brazil’s 210+ million people, 65% are Catholic, 22% Protestant, and 8% irreligious. Although Brazil has Latin America’s largest economy, soaring unemployment during the pandemic has further widened wealth gaps. High inflation and slow economic recovery continue to fuel uncertainty as Brazilians anticipate presidential elections in October.

Valéria earned her PhD in Practical Theology through the Latin American Doctoral Program, PRODOLA. Her research focused on the role of pastors’ wives in the Presbyterian Church. She has taught theology at several universities in Brazil and led various ministries to women. Currently, Valéria leads online ministries at her church and works as a family therapist. Valéria and her husband Arthur have a son, John Arthur, who is in medical school.

Valéria shares the following message:

I’m Valéria Motta dos Santos, and I live in Londrina, Paraná in the south of Brazil. The last two years have been difficult for us because the pandemic has directly affected our churches and our work.
In March 2020, my entire family had COVID, including myself, my husband, and our son. Our biggest loss was that my mother-in-law died of the illness. Many church members also became ill.
In April 2020, I lost my job at the University Center. We continued to serve with our online-only church. I accepted the challenge from God to invest in lives through social media and provide services aimed at families who were suffering at home during the pandemic. The result was positive. Today, I do this work weekly while also working as a family therapist.
This year, on January 6, my father passed away after six months in an ICU. This was also difficult for me, but we continue to depend on God.
Prayer Requests
Pray for COVID to come under control, so deaths can be reduced in Brazil. Our infection numbers are still high even though a large percentage of the population is vaccinated.
This is a political year. We ask that the differences between Christians can be softened, and that we can consciously vote for the improvement of our nation’s future.
Pray for the Brazilian Church, which has been corrupted by scandals and false doctrines, so that we can return to being practitioners of God’s oracles.
Pray for my physical (diabetes), emotional, and spiritual health, as I take care of Christians with anxiety, depression, panic, and fear. I need wisdom to guide me in counseling and calls.
Pray for theological education in Brazil, so that we can achieve excellence through hybrid and online programs.
Pray for my family! My son is living in Curitiba, Parana for his second year of medical school. He now lives by himself, so we are in a new phase as a family.
Pray for peace to come in Ukraine. Let us be covering our brothers and sisters in prayer, especially amid their migratory process.
I am praying for all the changes at ScholarLeaders International. May God bless all the projects you have undertaken.
God bless you!
Valéria Maria Barreto Motta dos Santos

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