Valéria Motta Dos Santos in Brazil

Dear Friends,

This week, please intercede with us for Dr. Valéria Motta dos Santos in Brazil.

Home to 217 million people (65% Catholic, 22% Protestant, 8% irreligious), Brazil is Latin America’s largest and most populous country, with nearly 52 million children and youth under age 18. Like young people in many other countries, Brazilian youth are facing increased mental health challenges due to pandemic-related isolation, family conflict, and fewer friendships. Since last August, nine school attacks by current or former students have heightened anxiety, pushing lawmakers to restrict gun access and extremist content on social media, as schools focus on improving security and bullying prevention.

A family therapist serving the greater Londrina area, Valéria has taught theology at several universities in Brazil, including for 13 years at South American Theological Seminary. ScholarLeaders sponsored Valéria for her PhD in Practical Theology from South Africa Theological Seminary through the Latin American Doctoral Program, PRODOLA. Her research focused on the role of pastors’ wives in the Presbyterian Church. Valéria and her husband Arthur have a son, John Arthur, who is in medical school.
Valéria shares the following message:  

I am grateful to God for being able to share prayer requests from Brazil with the entire ScholarLeaders community.
1. We recently had a wave of violence in public schools, where there have been attacks with deaths. Panic over safety has spread among children and adolescents. We ask for prayer that measures are provided for elementary and middle school students to feel safe in their educational institutions, as they have already suffered so much during the pandemic period with online classes.
2. In my local church, we have undertaken social projects that provide mental healthcare through free Therapeutic Circles. We have also made evangelistic advances in hospitals and emergency healthcare services for children. We distribute food and provide childcare, and our prayer is that God would meet the financial needs so that we can serve more people on a weekly basis.
3. In March I received my book, Orvalho na Travessia (Dew on the Crossing). From May 23, we will be conducting immersion events in churches and other places to publicize this book with challenging lectures about our purpose and mission, as well as about the healing of our emotions. Pray that God would use me in a great way in the lives of others.
May God greatly bless your lives!
A big hug to all,
Valéria Motta dos Santos

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