Sutrisna Harjanto in Indonesia

Dear Friends,

This week, please join us in prayer for Dr. Sutrisna Harjanto in Indonesia.

Famous for its coffee, volcanoes, and komodo dragons, the Southeast Asian nation of Indonesia comprises over 13,000 tropical islands, including Java and Sumatra. Indonesia is also the world’s largest Muslim-majority country. Its 268 million people (87% Muslim, 10% Christian) represent more than 1,300 native ethnic groups and speak over 700 languages. The national motto – Bhinneka Tunggai Ika (“Many, yet One”) – reflects the archipelago republic’s shared national identity amid great diversity.

 Sutrisna is President of Bandung Theological Seminary in Indonesia. He graduated with his PhD in Educational Studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (USA) in 2017. His research focused on marketplace missions and vocational stewardship among Indonesian Christian professionals. Prior to his studies, Sutrisna served with Perkantas (IFES Indonesia) for over 20 years. Sutrisna and his wife Lily have a daughter, Laura, and a son, Alex.

Sutrisna shares the following prayer requests:

1. Please pray for God’s wisdom in my leadership at Bandung Theological Seminary (BTS). It is a great opportunity to be able to lead in this God-given moment to develop theological education with a holistic vision, to bring the whole gospel to impact the whole society with the whole church. Praise the Lord for enthusiastic responses from students who increasingly come to our ThM, MCE, and MMin Marketplace Program. Please pray also for the many efforts devoted to developing holistic discipleship in our Undergraduate Program.

2. Praise the Lord for the VSI program developed by SCHOLARLEADERS INTERNATIONAL. BTS and several other seminaries in Southeast Asia just started our journey together that will continue through the middle of next year under the mentoring of Asia Theological Association and SCHOLARLEADERS INTERNATIONAL. Please pray for a highly fruitful journey for BTS and the other seminaries in our cohort through this mentoring program. 
3. Praise the Lord that my daughter will be completing her college degree at Calvin University, in Michigan, very soon. She will be graduating at the end of this semester. Please pray for God’s guidance as she enters the next phase of her life to explore God’s calling for her.
Thank you,

Sutrisna Harjanto

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