Sutrisna Harjanto in Indonesia

Dear Friends,

This week, please pray with us for Dr. Sutrisna Harjanto in Indonesia.

Comprising over 17,500 islands, including Java and Sumatra, Indonesia is a culturally and religiously diverse nation with more than 1,300 native ethnic groups speaking over 700 languages. Around 87% of Indonesia’s 279 million people follow Islam, while 11% identify as Christian, 2% as Hindu, and 1% as Buddhist. Although well-known as the country with the world’s largest Muslim population, Indonesia also has one of the world’s largest Christian populations. Today, more Christians live in the archipelago republic than in countries like Canada, Ghana, and South Korea. Pray for peace and wisdom as the world’s third largest democracy prepares to vote on February 14.

Sutrisna is Principal of Bandung Theological Seminary (BTS) in Indonesia. Drawing from his doctoral research on marketplace missions and vocational stewardship, Sutrisna has guided BTS’s flourishing workplace ministry initiative since 2019. He also serves on the editorial board of the Theology of Work (TOW) Project. Previously, Sutrisna served with Perkantas (IFES Indonesia) for over 20 years. Sutrisna and his wife Lily have a daughter, Laura, and a son, Alex.
Scholar Leaders collaborates with Sutrisna and his team at Bandung Theological Seminary through the Vital Sustainability Initiative (VSI). Through Leader Studies, Scholar Leaders also supported Sutrisna’s PhD studies in Educational Studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (USA). Check out Sutrisna’s 2017 article for the InSights Journal on Global Theological Education on “Faculty Research in Asian Seminaries.”
Sutrisna shares the following message:

Dear Scholar Leaders Prayer Community,
Greetings from Indonesia. I am grateful for your prayer support through all these years. Here are some updates and prayer requests.
Pray for Bandung Theological Seminary’s Workplace Ministry Initiative
It has been more than five years since Bandung Theological Seminary (BTS) developed its workplace ministry initiative. I am grateful that the initiative has been flourishing through the MMin Marketplace program, nonformal programs such as the Vocatio Marketplace Fellows program, the urban mission consultation, and field research by master’s students. 
Please join us in prayer for God’s work through the continued growth and impact of this initiative within the marketplace and society. Earlier this year, we organized a gathering of key leaders in Indonesian marketplace ministry, representing parachurch organizations, churches, and seminaries. We seek your prayers for the ongoing development of a robust network and collaboration to foster a thriving marketplace mission movement in Indonesia.
In a recent development, I am honored to share that I have been invited to join the editorial board of the Theology of Work (TOW) Project. Please pray for my meaningful contribution as I participate in the ongoing revision of gospel commentaries for the Theology of Work Bible Commentary.
Pray for Flourishing Christian Education
I am grateful to work for the flourishing of formal and nonformal programs in Christian Education at BTS. Please pray for those leading Christian schools, parachurch organizations, and churches as they come to be equipped as educational leaders and designers through the master’s program in Christian Education at BTS.
Please also pray for my role on the research committee of AGST Alliance’s EdD program for an Indonesian cohort. Pray that I will be able to effectively support the students along their dissertation journey. 
Pray for Qualitative Research Resources
Over the past five years, I have had the privilege of teaching qualitative research to MCE and MTh students at BTS, and I’ve been privileged to supervise several theses employing this methodology. Some of these theses have been published as monographs receiving appreciation from experts in their respective fields. 
Yet, this enriching experience has also brought to light the pressing need for a textbook or, at the very least, a comprehensive guide on conducting qualitative research, specifically tailored for Christian Education and Theology, in the Indonesian language.
Currently, the options for quality resources are limited and predominantly available in English. Therefore, I hope that in the coming year, I will have the opportunity to dedicate sufficient time to crafting a concise textbook – a practical guide on qualitative research crafted specifically for Christian Education and Theology in the Indonesian language and context.
Pray for Sustainable Growth at BTS
I am grateful for God’s continuing guidance in my role as the principal of BTS. I am amazed by God’s ongoing work in transforming individuals and communities in and through the seminary. I am grateful for the teamwork of the leadership team and beyond. I am grateful for the individuals and organizations that God sent to help strengthen the seminary, including the series of VSI consultations.
Please pray for the implementation of the strategic planning over the next four years. Pray for the faculty development programs to enhance the current human resource capacity. Pray for us as we prepare for sustainable growth in the future.
Pray for Indonesia
I am grateful for the stability and significant growth of this country over the past nine years through dedicated and competent leadership at the national level. This government has also been effective in keeping the country from terrorism and radicalism.
Please pray for the presidential and parliamentary elections in February. Pray for a peaceful election and a result that will extend the current blessings of stability and development. 
Pray for My Family
I am grateful for God’s grace for my family. Praise God for my wife, Lily. She is enjoying her freelance work as a translator and volunteering in leading a nonprofit hydroponic training group. Currently, she is part of a team that is translating the TOW Bible Commentary into the Indonesian language.
Praise God for my daughter, Laura, who is enjoying her work with an NGO helping local communities in Bali to develop good systems for recycling and waste management. Please also pray for my son, Alex, as he continues his second year of university studies in Psychology. They both live in Indonesia.
Sutrisna Harjanto

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