Sutrisna Harjanto in Indonesia

Dear Friends,

Thank you for joining us in prayer this week for Dr. Sutrisna Harjanto in Indonesia.

Comprising over 17,500 islands, including Java and Sumatra, Indonesia is a culturally and religiously diverse nation with more than 1,300 native ethnic groups speaking over 700 languages. Around 87% of Indonesia’s 276 million people follow Islam, while 11% identify as Christian, 2% as Hindu, and 1% as Buddhist. Although well-known known as the country with the world’s largest Muslim population, Indonesia also has one of the largest global Christian populations. Today, more Christians live in the archipelago republic than in countries like Canada, Ghana, and South Korea.

Sutrisna is Principal of Bandung Theological Seminary in Indonesia. His scholarship focuses on marketplace missions and vocational stewardship among Indonesian Christian professionals. Previously, Sutrisna also served with Perkantas (IFES Indonesia) for over 20 years. Sutrisna and his wife Lily have a daughter, Laura, and a son, Alex.

ScholarLeaders collaborates with Sutrisna and his team at Bandung Theological Seminary through the Vital SustainAbility Initiative (VSI). Through LeaderStudiesScholarLeaders also supported Sutrisna’s PhD studies in Educational Studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (USA).

Sutrisna shares the following message:

I am grateful for God’s mercy and blessings for my family and the students and faculty at Bandung Theological Seminary (BTS), where I serve as Principal.
I am also grateful for the initial visitation from the VSI team led by Dr. Emmanuel Bellon to BTS in early July.
Prayer Requests
Please pray for the development of the next BTS strategic plan, with help from the VSI consultation process.
Pray for the development of non-formal theological education at BTS. We are developing modules for marketplace discipleship, teaching materials on social media, and other accessible resources for local churches.
Next year, we will be hosting an urban mission consultation, in collaboration with several churches and parachurch organizations. This will be preceded by research, a youth fest, and workplace ministry discussions considering urban realities and possibilities for transformation. Pray for these preparational steps and for the consultation in August 2023.
Sutrisna Harjanto

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