Suraja Raman in Singapore

Dear Friends,

Thank you for praying with us for Dr. Suraja Raman in Singapore.

A sovereign city-state since 1965, Singapore comprises 63 islands near the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula. Nicknamed the Lion City, Singapore is a formidable financial and commercial center. Its per capita GDP is among the top 10 worldwide. 76% of Singaporeans are ethnically Chinese, while 15% are Malay and 8% Indian. Culturally and religiously diverse, Singapore’s 5.7 million people practice Buddhism (33%), Christianity (19%), Islam (14%), Taoism (10%), and Hinduism (5%).

Suraja holds a PhD in Educational Studies from Trinity International University in Illinois. She has served as a missionary and taught at theological schools in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Kenya, including at Africa International University, a client school of the Vital SustainAbility Initiative

In 2015, Suraja received a grant from ScholarLeaders for a writing sabbatical at the Centre for South Asian Research in Bangalore, India. The resulting book, Living and Witnessing: A Practical Guide for Leaders, offers practical resources for interreligious dialogue and evangelism in pluralistic societies. Suraja’s other publications include The Heartbeat of a Missionary Church and Towards Spiritual Development.

Suraja shares the following message:

Dear Praying Friends of ScholarLeaders,
Thank you for your ministry of prayer.
Since 1976, I have served as a missionary, sent and commissioned by Fairfield Methodist Church in Singapore, in partnership with Asia Evangelistic Fellowship, to Malaysia, Brunei, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.
Since 1997, I have taught in Kenya at Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (NEGST), now known as Africa International University (AIU). Several former students are now leaders serving in churches, theological colleges, and mission organizations.
Currently, I am back home in Singapore. While working on research projects for publication, I continue to serve as adjunct faculty with Africa International University (Kenya), Alpha Omega International College (West Malaysia), Malaysia Evangelical College (East Malaysia), Discipleship Training Centre (Singapore), and Asia Pacific Theological Seminary (Philippines).
Prayer Requests
1. Pray for my volunteer work as adjunct faculty at theological schools in Singapore, Asia, and Kenya. 
2. Pray as I volunteer as a facilitator for training younger leaders in evangelism.
3. Pray for my work on a manuscript, To Teach is to Touch Lives Forever, for online publication. Pray that this could serve future teachers in churches.
I would appreciate prayers for wisdom, strength, and anointed power from above for God’s Glory.
Shalom and agape,
Suraja Raman

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