Sunday Agang in Nigeria

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This week, we continue our video series featuring seminary leaders who collaborate with ScholarLeaders’ Vital SustainAbility Initiative (VSI) team to create strategic, long-term plans to sustain their school’s unique mission. Please join us in prayer for Dr. Sunday Agang, President of Jos ECWA Theological Seminary (JETS) in Nigeria.

Nicknamed the “Giant of Africa,” Nigeria has the largest population and economy on the continent. Approximately half (46%) of Nigeria’s estimated 211 million people are Christians living in the south, while Muslims in the north comprise the other half (54%). Since 2002, Boko Haram has terrorized northeastern Nigeria, killing an estimated 40,000 people and displacing over 3 million. Since December, the militant group and other criminal gangs have kidnapped over 800 schoolchildren for ransom, including 136 in late May.

Sunday completed his PhD at Fuller with support from ScholarLeaders (LeaderStudies) and Langham Partnership. He has now served as President of two seminaries in his denomination, first in Kagoro and now at the flagship, Jos ECWA Theological Seminary. In both his scholarship and his leadership, he has focused on helping the Church bridge the gap between faith and life through public theology. Over the next generation, Nigeria will have one of the largest Christian populations in the world. Equipping believers to live faithfully in all areas is essential for the country’s future.
In addition to teaching theology, ethics, and public policy at JETS, Sunday has written several books on Christian responses to bigotry, corruption, terrorism, and other forms of violence. Sunday also co-founded GAWON Ministries, which provides humanitarian and spiritual care for widows and orphans in Nigeria. In 2015, ScholarLeaders awarded a grant to support Sunday’s organization in promoting economic sustainability through ethical business practices and microloans for women. 
In the video below, Sunday speaks on public theology and integrating faith and life:

Learn more from Sunday by reading his 2012 InSights PerspectiveDoes Christianity Have a Public Face?
Sunday shares the following prayer requests:

Sunday shares the following prayer requests:
1) Even after COVID-19, JETS will offer both online and face-to-face programs. We believe we can serve West Africa and the rest of Africa better through these two options. Pray for that plan, especially for good internet and for a solar power system that will keep the internet stable. 
2) Pray that the VSI team will be able to come to JETS to help the seminary plan its projects. 
3) Pray that JETS can be a model for the rest of West Africa.
4) Pray for good research to help empower local pastors to reflect Christian theology in everyday life. 
Sunday Agang

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