Sofía Quintanilla in Costa Rica

Dear Friends,

This week, please join us in prayer for Dr. Sofía Quintanilla in Costa Rica.

The Central American country of Costa Rica is bordered by Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south. A popular destination for ecotourism, the “Rich Coast” is famous for its jungles, volcanoes, beaches, and progressive environmental policies. Officially a Roman Catholic nation, Costa Rica guarantees freedom of religion to its nearly 5 million people, of whom 52% are Catholic, 25% Protestants, and 17% irreligious. 

Sofía recently completed her PhD in Theology at the Evangelical University of the Americas (UNELA) in Costa Rica. Her dissertation, which she successfully defended in August, presents a theology of adoption, analyzes the Church’s historical responses to abandoned children, and proposes recommendations for how the Church today can serve vulnerable children.

Sofía teaches and leads the Masters program in Pastoral Leadership at ESEPA Seminary in San José, Costa Rica’s capital. Sofía and her husband Paul also lead the congregation at Iglesia Unión, a Vineyard church in the northern part of San José. Their son Sebastian is finishing his last year of high school.

Sofía shares the following message:

Costa Rica 
Over the years, Costa Rica has been known for its peaceful way of life and strong Christian worldview. However, in the last few years we have seen a frightening move toward atheism and secular progressive values. Pray that the fear of the Lord would grow in our people. Furthermore, the pandemic has taken a serious toll on Costa Rica’s economy. About 25% of the population is unemployed now. This is causing lots of turmoil and threatening our peaceful way of life. 

Praise the Lord that everything went well with my dissertation defense. Thank you so much for all the help, care, prayers, and accompaniment. It was not an easy path, but here we are! We’ve made it! Pray for the renewal of my body and social life, as I have just finished working very hard this year. Pray for wisdom as I reengage activities and realign my life, that the Lord may guide me.

Church and Personal Life
Paul and I are pastors of a church on the north side of San José. Paul has been a pastor there for 12 years now. The church has gone through changes due to the lockdowns, but has come out strong on the other side. Pray for wisdom as the school associated with the church is struggling to teach and disciple 120 students in a fully virtual environment.

Our son Sebastian is finishing his last year of high school. The lockdowns and virtual school have affected him emotionally. Pray that the Lord would show Himself to Sebastian as a strong tower to which he can run.

Ministry at ESEPA
I have been working at a seminary in San José called ESEPA, where I am the coordinator of the Masters programs, which have about 50 active students. The seminary has been struggling financially for a few years, so please pray for new enrollment and passion. I like to provide personal orientation and counsel to the students, so pray for me to have in wisdom as I mentor them throughout their studies.

Sofía Quintanilla

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