Shurhi Meyase from Nagaland

Dear Friends,

Thank you for interceding with us this week for Shürhisieü (Shurhi) Meyase from Nagaland.

Along with Meghalaya and Mizoram, Nagaland is one of three Indian states – all in the Northeast – with a Christian majority. Around 90% of Nagaland’s 2 million people follow Jesus. In contrast, only 2% of India’s 1.38 billion people identify as Christians, while 80% practice Hinduism. In 1872, newly baptized Naga believers and American Baptist missionaries planted the first church in Nagaland. Over the next century, the state became predominantly Christian after evangelical revival movements swept through the region in the 1950s and 60s. Pray for the Church in Nagaland as it participates faithfully in Christ’s ministry of reconciliation among 16 minority tribes speaking 36 languages.

Shurhi is pursuing a PhD in Intercultural Studies at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies (UK). Her research investigates how Christian and traditional Angami Naga moralities converge and diverge. Amid a revival of tribal festivals and practices in her context, Shurhi’s scholarship will guide the Naga Church’s perspective and response. Shurhi’s studies will also enhance her teaching ministry at Shalom Bible Seminary (a client of the Vital SustainAbility Initiative), where she has served as Assistant Professor since 2011.  

Shurhi shares the following message:

I am Shürhisieü (Shurhi) Meyase from Nagaland, India. I am a faculty member of Shalom Bible Seminary in Kohima, Nagaland. Presently, I am doing my PhD at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies. My research is on how the Angami Nagas interface their understanding of traditional morality and Christian morality. I am ever humbled and gratified by the financial support and the spiritual and moral encouragement I receive from ScholarLeaders.
Prayer Requests
1. Nagaland will have its state general elections in February 2023. Please pray that Naga Christians will demonstrate their faith in voting for and electing the right leaders. 
The Nagaland Baptist Church Council has initiated a “Clean Election Movement” to advocate electing God-fearing, righteous, and honest candidates. The movement encourages Christians to bear witness in how they exercise their political rights and to fight against malpractice in the electoral system. Please pray that this movement will lead people to act justly and rightly. 
This movement is also part of Nagaland’s celebrations of 150 years of Christianity in the state. The theme is “Celebrating His (God’s) Story.” Celebrations will take place on November 19-20 in Kohima, the state capital.
2. Shalom Bible Seminary is organizing its annual “Young and Christian” concert. Through this concert, the Shalom community seeks to send a positive message to young people about being committed Christians. The program was kept on hold for the past two years because of the pandemic. We are excited and looking forward to hosting this event again on November 25. Please pray for this event as the Seminary reaches out to young people through this project.
3. Please pray for my research. As I move closer to the finish line, I need prayer for strength, wisdom, endurance, good writing skills, and help with everything else to successfully complete my work.
Shurhi Meyase

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