Sameh Ibrahim from Egypt

Dear Friends,

Thank you for praying with us this week for Sameh Ibrahim from Egypt.

After Nigeria and Ethiopia, Egypt is the third most populous African nation and the most populous Arab country, with nearly 108 million people. Approximately 91% of Egyptians are Muslims (mostly Sunni) and 9% are Christians (mostly Coptic). Among Egyptian Christians, under a million are Protestants, with over half belonging to the Evangelical Church of Egypt (Synod of the Nile), also known as the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Egypt. Another 350,000 follow a Pentecostal tradition. Ecumenical dialogue and cooperation are important for the Church’s witness in Egypt, where Christians are relatively few, despite a rich and ancient heritage that can be traced to Saint Mark.

Sameh is pursuing a PhD in New Testament at Asbury Theological Seminary (Kentucky, USA). His research explores how the Gospel of Mark speaks to the suffering of Egyptian Christians. Prior to his studies, Sameh served as a Presbyterian pastor in Egypt for 16 years. Sameh and his wife Ester have two daughters, nine-year-old Karen and seven-year-old Lara.
Sameh shares the following message:


I am a pastor in Egypt’s Presbyterian Church and worked as a pastor for 16 years. I was ordained in 2007 and spent five years as the senior pastor of a church in Upper Egypt. In 2012, I relocated to Gad el-Seed Presbyterian Church in Upper Egypt, located in the poor neighborhood of Menia. This church’s vision is to serve and help the poor in various ways. I was the senior pastor of this church until August 2023, when I moved to the United States to begin my PhD program in New Testament at Asbury Theological Seminary. 

Prayer Requests

I have two prayer requests, and I greatly appreciate your concern and prayers. 

First, I’d like to request prayer for Gad el-Seed Presbyterian Church, as they are now looking for a new pastor. 

Second, due to financial constraints, I had traveled to the United States alone, leaving my family in Egypt. Thankfully, besides the Scholar Leaders grant, we now have a Langham scholarship, and the Seminary has issued my I-20 form. My family has a visa interview at the American Embassy in Cairo on July 14, so please pray that they can get the visa and join me soon.

Peace and Grace,

Sameh Ibrahim

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