Medhat Fayez

Country: Egypt

School: Fordham (USA)

Area of Study: Church History

Research Focus: How the early Church fathers developed Christian identity, and how this grounds Egypt’s Evangelical churches today.

Dina Bishay

Country: Egypt

School: Princeton

Area of Study: Educational Studies

Research Focus: An analysis of how politics & culture have affected education in Egypt, especially Christian education

Walid Zailaa

Country: Lebanon

School: Oxford Centre for Mission Studies (UK)

Area of Study: Theology

Research Focus: Geography and space in Isaiah 2 in relation to conflicts in the Middle East.

Ramsis Saleeb

Country: Egypt

School: Heidelberg

Area of Study: Systematic Theology

Research Focus: The theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer in relation to Athanasius of Alexandria.


Country: Algeria

School: Sorbonne University (France)

Area of Study: Systematic Theology

Research Focus: Distinguishing Jesus Christ from Islamic messianic figures for more effective witness among North African Muslims.

Anne Zaki

Country: Egypt

School: Fuller Theological Seminary (USA)

Area of Study: Homiletics

Research Focus: Examining the distinctive Egyptian preaching and worship traditions that emerged during the revolutions of 2011 and 2013.

Rania Hendy

Country: Egypt

School: Asbury Theological Seminary (USA)

Area of Study: Old Testament

Research Focus: A comparative analysis of the "Oracles Concerning Egypt" in the major prophets as a way to understand modern Egyptian identity.

Elias Ghazal

Country: Lebanon

School: Lancaster University (UK)

Area of Study: International Relations

Research Focus: The political use of religious violence in order to advance sustainable alternatives for the Middle East.

Tony Deik

Country: Palestine

School: Trinity College Bristol, University of Aberdeen (UK)

Area of Study: New Testament

Research Focus: Crafting a theology of missions and social justice from Acts.

Ara Badalian

Country: Iraq

School: Asia Graduate School of Theology (Philippines)

Area of Study: Islamic Studies

Research Focus: Christian-Muslim dialogue in Iraqi history.

Grace Al-Zoughbi Arteen

Country: Palestine

School: London School of Theology (UK)

Area of Study: Theological Education

Research Focus: Culturally adept educational systems to support women Biblical scholars and theologians in the Middle East.