Junette Galagala-Nacion

Country: Philippines

School: University of Edinburgh (UK)

Area of Study: New Testament

Research Focus: An exploration of Pauline passages that reference Gentiles in order to consider how Christian identity is preserved and negotiated in the Filipino context

Kazusa Okaya

Country: Japan

School: University of Durham (UK)

Area of Study: Christian Ethics

Research Focus: Reconciliation, repentance, and forgiveness, especially in public settings


Country: Hong Kong, Philippines

School: De La Salle University (Philippines)

Area of Study: Educational Studies

Research Focus: Mental health care for those in vulnerable situations, especially refugees of various faith backgrounds.

Laise Sindra

Country: Brazil, Thailand

School: Payap University (Thailand)

Area of Study: Peacebuilding

Research Focus: How Christian NGOs can combat human trafficking, especially of children, in Southeast Asia’s violent contexts.

Kiran Sharma

Country: Nepal

School: Oxford Centre for Mission Studies (UK)

Area of Study: Practical Theology

Research Focus: Christian financial stewardship in Nepal.

David Lian

Country: Myanmar

School: Asbury Theological Seminary (USA)

Area of Study: Biblical Studies

Research Focus: How suffering forms community identity in the book of Philippians.


Country: China

School: Talbot School of Theology (Biola University) (USA)

Area of Study: Educational Studies

Research Focus: Secularization and postmodernism in China.

Saralen Tran

Country: Vietnam

School: Asia Graduate School of Theology (Philippines)

Area of Study: Transformational Learning

Research Focus: Factors that limit the success of students from ethnic minorities at theological schools in Vietnam.

Michelle Mingyue Kang

Country: China

School: Fuller Theological Seminary (USA)

Area of Study: Intercultural Studies

Research Focus: The historical roots of Sinicization, with particular emphasis on the legacy and thought of public theologian Bishop Ding Guan Xun (known as K.H. Ting in the West).