Ramsis Saleeb from Egypt

Dear Friends,

This week, please join us in prayer for Ramsis Saleeb from Egypt.

A cradle of civilization, Egypt traces its history to the sixth millennium before Christ. Its rich cultural heritage reflects centuries of interchange with the Greek, Persian, Roman, Arab, Ottoman, and Nubian empires. Once a prominent Christian hub, Egypt has long been a Muslim-majority nation, following its Islamization in the seventh century. Today, 91% of Egypt’s 108 million people adhere to Islam (mostly Sunni), the state religion, while 9% follow Christianity (mostly Coptic). Like other countries in the region, Egypt is recovering from economic troubles exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the wars in Gaza and Ukraine.

Ramsis is pursuing a PhD in Theology at Heidelberg University in Germany. His dissertation explores resources for justice and liberation in the theologies of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Athanasius of Alexandria. Through his research, Ramsis seeks to equip the Egyptian church as it ministers to the poor and advances their cause. Prior to his studies, Ramsis served as a pastor in the Presbyterian Church of Egypt (Synod of the Nile) and as a teaching assistant at the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo (ETSC), a partner of the Vital Sustainability Initiative.
Ramsis shares the following message:

I am doing my PhD in Theology at Heidelberg University in Germany. My research focuses on the theologies of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Athanasius of Alexandria and their implications for Christians working toward greater justice and liberation in society. The main aim is to strengthen the Egyptian Church’s prophetic voice to advocate for the poor and oppressed in Egypt, especially in the politico-economic status quo.
Prayer Requests
1. Pray for my studies, especially as I am taking some exams in June and July.  
2. Pray for God to strengthen new ETSC graduates, that they will be a blessing to the Egyptian Church. 
3. I spend part of my time serving God among Arabic refugees in Heidelberg. Pray that my ministry helps them to know Jesus Christ and to overcome a lot of problems related to war and the challenges of integrating into a new society.  
4. The number of the Egyptian poor, who live below the poverty line, increases continuously. Pray that they will find support to be able to live their life properly.
Thank you so much for your efforts! May God continue to bless you!    
In Christ,  
Ramsis Saleeb

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