Philipo Mafuja Magwano in Tanzania

Dear Friends,

Please intercede with us this week for Philipo Mafuja Magwano in Tanzania.

Located in the Great Lakes region of East Africa, Tanzania is home to over 56 million people (61% Christian and 35% Muslim) from 125 ethnic groups. The country is well-known for its rich biodiversity and natural beauty, which includes Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest mountain. Although the Tanzanian government has denied COVID-19’s presence in the country, the health ministry recently acknowledged the virus’s spread and urged precautions, amid mounting public pressure following several high-profile deaths. Tanzanian President John Magufuli’s absence from the public view has raised concerns over his health status

A Bishop of the Africa Inland Church Tanzania, Philipo is pursuing a PhD in Leadership Studies at the International Leadership University (ILU) in Kenya. His research on Christian leadership and public governance will inform and invigorate his ministries in Tanzania. Although the Tanzanian Church grew significantly during the East African Revival (1940s-70s) and has experienced a thriving Pentecostal movement in recent decades, prevalent religious syncretism and witchcraft point to an ongoing need for vital theological leadership and biblical discipleship.
To learn more about Philipo’s vision for ministry in Tanzania, check out this 2016 Bible Study Magazine feature: Rooted in the Word. Philipo and his wife Elizabeth live with their son, Shealtiel, and daughter, Juliana, in Mwanza, a port city bordering Lake Victoria in northern Tanzania.
Philipo shares the following message:

Thanksgiving for Tanzania

Last October, my country conducted a peaceful general election. We were able to participate well to elect the President, Members of Parliament, and other leaders. 
Recently, the government has acknowledged the presence of COVID-19 challenges and informed the public to take precautions according to guidelines from the Ministry of Health.
Last year, our country qualified as a middle-income state.
Pray for the Church 

The Mwanza Diocese, which I serve, has a need for trained pastors. The diocese has 560 local churches, but only 250 trained pastors. The other 310 are not trained. A major obstacle is the lack of scholarships. 
Our Diocese started a Bible College a few years ago. It has great need of improved infrastructure around campus. We most urgently need two classrooms. Each completed classroom costs $30,000, so we are in need of $60,000. We are trusting God for provisions through donors, friends, or partners.
Also, most of our church buildings do not have sufficient roofing. Some of the retired pastors in our diocese have no residential houses. 
Pray for God’s wisdom as I oversee 560 local churches and 125 ordained pastors. (The rest are not ordained.)
Pray for the constitution review in our church. Pray also as we will be electing two new Bishops in Dar es Salaam and Dodoma in 2022.    
Pray for My Research

Thank God that the government in Kenya has recently accredited some of ILU’s degree programs after almost three years of waiting. Pray for the requirements to meet the University’s full charter.  
Pray for the ILU administration as they return to the campus after COVID-19 shutdowns. Pray for the University’s records to be in order.
Pray for the PhD Program Coordinator to facilitate students in getting supervisors for dissertation writing. 
Pray as I work on my concept notes, which I will submit for approval. Pray also for the rest of the research and dissertation writing process.    
Pray for My Family 

Pray for my wife as she works as Youth and Children Coordinator of Community Bible Study in our diocese. 
Pray for our two children and their education. Our firstborn is a boy, Shealtiel, in fifth grade, and our girl is Juliana.
Pray also for our family’s good health. 
Pray for financial breakthrough, so we can provide our children with school items. I need support for both ministry and family needs.
Philipo Mafuja Magwano

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