Patrick from Hong Kong

Dear Friends,

Thank you for interceding with us this week for Patrick from Hong Kong.

A special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong is home to over 7.4 million people. Approximately 56% of Hong Kongers are irreligious, while 20% practice Buddhism or traditional Chinese religions, 12% are Christians, and 4% follow Islam. After 150+ years of British colonial rule following the Opium Wars, Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997 and maintains its own jurisdiction under the “one country, two systems” policy. Since June 2019, over a million Hong Kongers have participated in ongoing protests over encroachments upon the city’s autonomy and civil liberties, as well as police brutality and mass arrests. Christian leaders in Hong Kong and in the Chinese diaspora need wisdom as they minister to people with divided perspectives on the ongoing crisis.

Patrick is pursuing a PhD in New Testament at the University of Aberdeen. For his dissertation, Patrick seeks to contextualize Pauline understandings of sin, salvation, and moral responsibility in response to Chinese cultural emphases on shame and honor.
Patrick shares the following message:

My Research
My dissertation topic is “a contextualized reading of Paul in response to the issue of shame in Chinese culture.” I would like to see the rhetorical and theological implications of Paul’s use of shame word-groups in his letters, especially in 1 Corinthians. 
My Home Country
In last seven months, the pro-democracy anti-extradition protests have completely changed Hong Kong. The protests started as peaceful marches against the extradition bill. However, violence and clashes between protestors and police erupted when the nonviolent protests failed to effect change. To date, police have arrested over 6,000 people and have fired more than 16,000 rounds of tear gas in the city. 
This state of affairs has had a tremendous impact on the city and the Church. First, it has caused splits among Christians as people hold different political stances. Second, there are health concerns as tear gas emits toxic chemicals throughout the densely populated city. Lastly, the anti-extradition protests also affect many ministries in Mainland China. 
Prayer Requests
I am preparing for my comprehensive exam, which will take place in early February. Please pray that I can pass the exam. 
Also, my wife is pregnant and the due date for the baby is in early March. Please pray for a smooth delivery. 
Lastly, we plan to move back to Asia in June. Please pray for the transition process, and pray that I can concentrate on my dissertation writing after relocation. 

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