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Desi Diaspora

We celebrate with Suraja Raman, whose article was published in “Desi Diaspora” (ed. Sam George of the Lausanne Movement and published by SAIACS, a VSI school). If you’re interested in what it means to teach cross-culturally for Indians living in Africa, you will find this piece helpful.

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Prayer Community

David Kasali in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Special Update

We ask for your intercession on behalf of Beni. Our town has been brutally attacked twice in six days. The armed group that has been killing civilians in the Beni territory since 2014 has made incursions into the town of Beni and into our neighboring town of Oicha, killing over 75 of the most vulnerable inhabitants over the last three weeks. On November 24, one of the members of our contractor’s construction crew, the son of one of our campus guards, was killed in his neighborhood near our main campus.

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Seblewongel Denneque on “Why a PhD?”

Dr. Seblewongel Denneque from Ethiopia, a LeaderStudies recipient, talks about how a PhD has been essential to her ministry: “I really feel responsible…. I need to write, I need to do research, I need to raise leaders, educate others.” Seble returned to Ethiopia to help lead the Child Development Training and Research Center in Addis

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Prophetic Call from the Lebanese Church

We highlight a statement from the Lebanese Church concerning recent protests in Lebanon. Our Vital SustainAbility Initiative encourages faculty in the Majority World to speak prophetically from the Gospel to society and encourages schools of theology to support those prophets. We give thanks for this prophetic call for the common good – that this diverse and ecumenical group of leaders are united to condemn corruption, call for peace, and ask politicians to labor for society’s wellbeing. May we all – throughout the Global Church – have such courage.

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