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Grace Al-Zoughbi

Why Should Theological Education Include Women?

It is six o’clock on a Friday morning in Bethlehem. The sky is breathtakingly clear. The bright sun has risen, but the streets are still quiet. I acknowledge afresh how blessed I am that I can see, across the skyline, the Church of the Nativity – the site traditionally considered to be Jesus’s birthplace –

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Jacob Cherian on True vs. Fake Gospels

Jacob Cherian (LeaderStudies) recently spoke on “Good News in a World of Fake News” as part of the Lausanne Movement Theology Working Group. You can read a summary article or watch the whole webinar. The webinar is the first in a three-part series.

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Alexander Belyaev Co-Authors Article

Alexander Belyaev (LeaderStudies) recently co-wrote an article on COVID and the apocalypse from a post-Soviet perspective. The article illuminates eschatologies that are especially important for Christians in post-Soviet nations during this pandemic.

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