Rula Mansour Publishes Article

Rula Mansour (Women’s PeerLeader Forum) recently published an article in Ex Auditu, in which she emphasizes the communal nature of forgiveness – a message for Palestine that challenges those in the West as well.

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New Books

Journey through the Storm

We celebrate Salim Munayer’s book Journey through the Storm, which tells the story of Musalaha and its role in healing the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Salim (LeaderStudies; ScholarLeader of the Year) founded Musalaha thirty years ago to build bridges across communities in Palestine; this book includes essays, curricula, and interviews that challenge us to act on Christ’s

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Global InSights

Taras Dyatlik

Speaking of Pain & Waiting

Editor’s Note: The following essay presents meditations from Taras Dyatlik that he originally posted as bite-sized pieces on Facebook in January and February 2021. A Ukrainian with long experience in the eastern area now occupied by Russia, Taras knows firsthand about pain. He has lost family and friends to violence yet rejects the bitterness that

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Enoch Okode: Sermon on God’s Sovereignty

Enoch Okode (LeaderStudies) preached a beautiful sermon in April 2020 about God’s sovereignty. As the world continues to mourn COVID and as we continue in the season of Lent, may his words bring comfort and hope. (Enoch is now Dean of Scott Christian University in Kenya.)

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Prayer Community

Daniel Muvengi in Kenya

We have launched a small organization that equips local pastors in rural areas through theological training, socioeconomic empowerment, and children’s ministry training. Pray that God will provide partners to support this work.

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New Books

Reading Ecclesiastes from Asia and Pasifika

Our March book is Reading Ecclesiastes from Asia and Pasifika, to which Tony Deik (LeaderStudies) from Palestine contributed the chapter, “Justice in Ecclesiastes.” His article seems especially appropriate in this season of Lent, as we reflect on Christ’s suffering and how it should shape our response to others’ suffering. The book is available for free

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