New Scholars 2022

Dina Bishay

Dina is working on a PhD in Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary with a research focus on how secular education in Egypt impacts the Egyptian Church. Upon graduation, Dina plans to serve on faculty at the Evangelical Theological Seminary – Cairo.


Mirzabek is the first Uzbek evangelical Christian pursuing a PhD in theology. Passionate about the church’s witness to local communities, he is studying how the indigenous evangelical church in Uzbekistan can serve a post-Soviet, culturally Islamic society.

Medhat Tadros

Medhat is working on a PhD in Theology at Fordham University. Medhat serves as faculty at Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo, Egypt. He is studying how the relationship between biblical interpretation and early church tradition might help facilitate ecumenical conversations between Evangelical and Orthodox churches in the Middle East.

Ruhama Gezahegn Worku

Ruhama serves the church in Ethiopia while pursuing a PhD from Talbot. Ruhama is examining how education in Ethiopia might become more deeply indigenized through models drawn from the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.

Eunice Uchenna Momah

Eunice is a PhD student at Fuller in Pasadena, California. Originally from Nigeria, Eunice is passionate about the mission of God in Africa and about building relationships across cultures in global missions. Her research examines the challenge of witnessing to the truth of the Gospel while also affirming diverse cultural identities, especially in Africa.

Hilda Navarro

Hilda teaches at both a secular university and the Nazarene Seminary in Mexico. Hilda is interested in studying the formation of seminary professors valuing “the other” with an understanding that professor and student can learn from each other to better serve their community.


“Bear” is from Russia. His PhD focuses on practical theology, particularly biblical soul care that will help address mental health in Russian evangelical churches.


Emil is a graduate of Kyrgyz State Medical Academy, and previously served as rector of the United Theological Seminary in Bishkek. Emil’s research interest is the influence of religious factors on human flourishing.

Manuel Ramos

Manuel is from Columbia where he spent several years serving high-risk children, mostly children of prisoners. Manuel is pursuing a PhD in Biblical Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, KY. His research interest is how Old Testament ethics inform the people of God in how they live and respond to social issues like corruption.

Karishma Samuel

Karishma is pursuing a PhD in New Testament studies from South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies in Bangalore, India. She seeks to offer a theological reflection for the South Asian Church on the historical Jesus of the gospel narratives. Her research focuses on the implications from the Gospel depictions of Christ for a South Asian culture grounded in myth.

Laise Sindra

Laise’s research grows out of years serving refugees and migrants from war zones. In her PhD program at Payap University in Thailand, she will study how NGOs can combat the trafficking of children in Southeast Asia’s violent contexts.

Emmanuel Tettey

Emmanuel is pursuing his PhD at the University of Edinburgh. He is studying how Christian and Muslim financial systems, especially microfinance, might intersect for the common good.

Shaiju Thomas

From India and now serving in Asia’s largest theological education accrediting organization, Shaiju is studying at Talbot School of Theology with a research focus on holistic student formation at theological institutions.


As a mental health practitioner, Kevin has worked with people from war-torn regions who have fled to Asia. He is faculty in the Counseling Department of Asian Theological Seminary in the Philippines, and he takes joy in integrating theology and psychology in his practice and teaching. Kevin is planning to research post-traumatic growth to uncover unique hope for those who participate in the suffering of Christ.