Scholar Leaders exists to encourage and enable Christian theological leaders from the Majority World for the Global Church.


Scholar Leaders’ vision is to cultivate theological leaders from around the globe for lifetimes of impact in the Church and on societies.


Our work is always oriented toward the edification of the global Church and the expansion of God’s Kingdom. Because Christ summed up the Scriptures with the Great Commandment to love God and our neighbors, we equip theological leaders to engage with people of other faiths and to respond to the most pressing issues of their societies.

We are driven by a critical assessment of how our unique gifts and calling can provide the greatest service to our partners. Likewise, we work with our partners to deploy their particular talents for optimal impact in the Church and the world. When potential synergies emerge between our mission and theirs, we seek to generate innovative collaborations, the benefits of which transcend the walls of any single institution.  

The insights and needs of the leaders and institutions we serve set our agenda. We listen carefully to our partners’ wisdom, amplify their voices, respond to their invitations, and support their callings. By cultivating long-term relationships of presence, service, and mutual respect amid some of our partners’ greatest challenges, we develop contextually relevant collaborations that serve our partners’ needs and increase their impact.  

We conduct ourselves with integrity and communicate transparently, while honoring confidences and protecting the vulnerable. We are reliable colleagues and partners, who hold ourselves and others accountable to fulfill our commitments in a timely manner.

We give wholeheartedly of our resources, skills, and time to uplift one another without creating any senses of entitlement or obligation. We share praise, credit, and opportunities freely with one another and our partners, remembering that we collectively are advancing Christ’s Kingdom and not our own. 

What is a theological leader?

A theological leader is a Christian scholar—typically holding or pursuing a doctoral degree—who serves as a teacher of new leaders, an executive leader of a theological institution, a prophetic and public theological voice, and as an entrepreneurial creator of missional initiatives. Their leadership is grounded in their robust theological understanding and driven by their theological commitments.

Theological leaders typically begin in the classroom, generating geometric effects as they train dozens of pastors every year, many of whom go on to disciple and evangelize thousands of people over their lifetimes.

But we also look for scholars who have a passion and a talent for influencing the Church and society beyond the classroom. That may be through captaining a theological school, or creating innovative missional initiatives, or through public activism in pursuit of justice. We believe professors whose life and ministry overflow from the classroom can not only change their students’ lives, but society itself.

Scholar Leaders invest in theological leaders whose lives will have multiple trajectories of impact in the Church and on societies.

Scholar Leaders is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit ministry.

Scholar Leaders is the name taken in 2010 by Christian International Scholarship Foundation (CISF), founded 1983.