Legacies provide sustained funding for our strategic, long-term ministry and allow us to honor significant contributors to Christian leadership in the Global Church.

For the ministry of this service is not only supplying the needs of the saints but is also overflowing in many thanksgivings to God. 2 Corinthians 9:12

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Brian Prinn Memorial Fund

Honoring Brian Prinn: Brian served as a Board Member of Scholar Leaders from 1989, including as Chair from 1997 to 2001. He embraced its ministry – to encourage and enable Christian theological leaders from the Majority World for the Global Church – and was exceptionally generous with his time and resources. Brian also served with distinction on the Board of Fuller Theological Seminary from 2004 to 2013. Both ministries reflect his devotion to effective global leadership for the Church. As we approached the third anniversary of Brian’s unexpected death (February 24, 2013), Brian’s family and some friends funded a memorial to honor his life.

Purpose: The Brian Prinn Memorial Fund supports Majority World leaders for advanced education at Fuller Theological Seminary and Majority World ministry initiatives that involve Fuller or its graduates.

Current Recipients

David Hayfron (Fuller Theological Seminary, PhD 2024 in Intercultural Studies)
A rising Pentecostal scholar from Ghana, David is developing a Christian understanding of African tribal healing practices. As Pentecostalism embraces ethnomedical healing during worship services and in private life, David’s research will help African Christians navigate healing and the Christian tradition.

Boye-Nelson Kiamu (Fuller Theological Seminary, PhD 2023 in Intercultural Studies)
Nelson explores new avenues for evangelizing and discipling youth. Nelson has served as a pastor, Chief Executive Officer of Liberia Renewal Ministries, and faculty at ABC University in Liberia. Now, he is in the midst of his PhD research, which focuses on social media’s role in bringing the Gospel to young people in Liberia’s large cities.

Previous Recipients

  • Daniel Dama (Fuller, PhD 2022)
  • David Muthukumar (Fuller, PhD 2020)

Liefeld Scholarship

Honoring Dr. Walt and Olive Liefeld: Walt has served the Church as a scholar, pastor, and mentor throughout his career and remains Distinguished Professor Emeritus of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Both he and Olive have been active in global missions. Although Walt’s calling has been to train Christian leaders in the US, he has always had a heart for China, where he once considered working as a missionary. Walt served on the Board of Scholar Leaders for more than 15 years and is now an Emeritus Board Member. Olive served as a missionary in Ecuador and is the author of Unfolding Destinies: The Ongoing Story of the Auca Mission.

Purpose: The Liefeld Scholarship supports leaders from Mainland China studying at:

  • China Graduate School of Theology (Hong Kong)
  • Trinity Theological College (Singapore)
  • Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Chicago)
  • Fuller Theological Seminary (Pasadena)
  • Other institutions approved by the Board of Directors

Current Recipients

Patrick (University of Aberdeen, PhD 2022 in New Testament)
As a Chinese Christian, Patrick understands the importance of expressing Biblical truth in faithful and culturally meaningful ways. His research will broaden Pauline understandings of sin, salvation, and moral responsibility in view of the shame-honor worldview prevalent in Chinese society.

Evangeline (Biola/Talbot School of Theology, PhD 2025 in Educational Studies)
Evangeline served as a translator and seminary teacher before beginning her PhD at Talbot School of Theology. Her research will equip her to develop a philosophy of education and practical resources for those in China.

Previous Recipients

  • Name Withheld for Security (CGST, PhD 2019)
  • Xue Xiaxia (McMaster, PhD 2014)
  • Name Withheld for Security (CGST, ThM 2010)
  • Xue Xiaxia (CGST, MA 2008)
  • Huang Tianhua (CGST, MDiv 2006)
  • Geng Weizhong (TTC, PhD 2004)
  • Shei Wenhau (TTC, PhD 2003)

Persevere Scholarship

In Memory of Sydney Smith (by friends of Victoria and Larry Smith): Sydney’s life motto was “persevere,” and this scholarship is awarded to a doctoral candidate who has demonstrated perseverance in her life and ministry.

Current Recipients

Sara Amestegui-Deik (Bristol Baptist College/University of Aberdeen, PhD 2024 in Apologetics/Eschatology)
As a Bolivian married to a Palestinian, Sara’s passion is serving the Church in Latin America and the Arab World. Together, she and her husband, Anton Deik (Leader Studies), have taught at Bethlehem Bible College. Now, Sara’s research examines links between apologetics and eschatology, an emphasis sparked by watching some non-Christians express sympathy for Palestinian suffering, while some Christians seemed unmoved by the Palestinian situation. Sara hopes to develop an apologetics that will serve the cause of peace in the Arab World.

Grace Al-Zoughbi (London School of Theology, PhD 2022 in Theological Education)
Grace grew up in the West Bank, where Christians endure pressure from both the Israeli government and the Muslim majority. Familiar with the challenges facing women in theological education, Grace is designing culturally adept educational systems to support women Biblical scholars and theologians throughout the Middle East. Grace has presented papers at international scholarly conferences, and she has published in the Asia Theological Association Journal.

Previous Recipients

  • Judy (Africa International University, PhD 2018)
  • Sara Afshari (University of Edinburgh, PhD 2017)
  • Gloria Calib (London School of Theology, PhD 2016)

Pierson Scholarship

Honoring Dr. Paul and Rosemary Pierson: Paul and Rosemary served in Brazil and Portugal as church planters and educators for 17 years. After returning to the US, Paul served for 12 years as Dean of the School of Intercultural Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary, where he was also Professor of the History of Mission and Latin American Studies. Paul served on the Board of Scholar Leaders for more than 20 years and is now an Emeritus Board Member.

Purpose: The Pierson Scholarship supports leaders studying at Fuller Theological Seminary, especially those in the field of Intercultural Studies or involved in missions leadership.

Current Recipients

Michelle Kang (Fuller Theological Seminary, PhD 2024 in Intercultural Studies)
Michelle reflects Paul Pierson’s passion for intercultural studies. In China, Michelle served as faculty at Heilongjiang Seminary and as a minister. At Fuller, she is researching the historical roots of Sinicization, with particular emphasis on the legacy and thought of public theologian Bishop Ding Guan Xun (known as K.H. Ting in the West). Her dissertation will help Christians understand intersections between Chinese culture and faith.

Yosam Manafa (Fuller Theological Seminary, PhD 2023 in Intercultural Studies)
As a son of a Muslim father and a Christian mother, Yosam exemplifies Paul Pierson’s commitment to intercultural studies. He served with a Christian nonprofit in Uganda that cares for vulnerable women and children. Now, he is in the midst of his PhD research, which focuses on Christian-Muslim relations for the common good in Uganda.

Previous Recipients

  • Name Withheld for Security (Fuller, PhD 2021)
  • Name Withheld for Security (Fuller, PhD 2017)
  • Name Withheld for Security (Fuller, PhD 2011)