ScholarLeaders supports the doctoral studies of Christian theological leaders from the Majority World. We specifically seek to sponsor women and men in senior leadership positions in the Majority World. Such positions may include serving as the President, Dean, or senior faculty member of a recognized theological institution; the Executive Director of a relief organization; or a national leader of a denomination.

ScholarLeaders does not support undergraduate work, Master’s degrees (MDiv, MA, MAR), professional doctorates (DMin, DMiss, EdD), or studies in non-theological fields. We also will not support a PhD candidate studying in the West who has just finished a Master’s degree in the West without returning home for a period of ministry or teaching.

Leaders who receive scholarships are expected to return home to serve. If they fail to return immediately upon graduation or do not remain in a Majority World context for at least ten years following the completion of their studies, they will be required to repay their scholarship.

If you meet these qualifications, we invite you to fill out the inquiry form. Use the text box to summarize your eligibility and study plan (word limit: 500 words).  If your inquiry is accepted, our staff will send you a link with instructions to complete the full application.

Or you can mail your letter to:
ScholarLeaders International
2065 Half Day Road, #T-2992
Deerfield, Illinois 60015

Those who fit our profile will be sent an application. Our application timeline is as follows:

August 1 – November 15: Applications received for scholarships beginning September 1 the following year. Application window only open during this period.

November – February: Applications processed and recipients chosen.

February – March: Successful applicants notified.


Please fill out the inquiry form, and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.

For scholarships beginning in Fall 2022, we especially invite applicants who will write on one of the topics outlined in this CFP.

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