Lal Senanayake in Sri Lanka

Dear Friends,

As we conclude our South Asia prayer series, please intercede with us for Dr. Lal Senanayake in Sri Lanka.

Nicknamed the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean,” the island nation of Sri Lanka is home to an ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diverse population of 22 million (75% Sinhalese, 11% Tamil, 9% Moor). Since the 3rd century, Sri Lanka has been a center of Buddhist scholarship and practice. Today, 70% of the population practice Theravada Buddhism, the official religion, while 13% follow Hinduism, 10% Islam, and 7% Christianity (mostly Roman Catholicism). Pray for our Sri Lankan brothers and sisters, that the Lord would strengthen them and supply their needs as they serve their neighbors and point them to Christ amid ongoing economic and political challenges.

Lal is President of Lanka Bible College and Seminary (LBCS) in Sri Lanka. LBCS provides holistic theological training for Christian leaders in and beyond Sri Lanka. Lal is especially committed to guiding the Church toward greater biblical literacy, intellectual engagement with Buddhism, and worship practices that reflect the ethnic diversity (mostly Tamil and Sinhalese) within the Sri Lankan Church. 
Scholar Leaders supported Lal for his PhD in Educational Studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Illinois, USA). Lal’s 2019 Global Insights essay, written after the Easter terrorist bombings in Sri Lanka, reflects on suffering in light of God’s character. Lal and his wife Lalitha have two sons, Lasitha and Lael, and two daughters, Leoni and Lakshika.  
Lal shares the following message:

About Lanka Bible College and Seminary

Over the last 54 years, Lanka Bible College and Seminary (LBCS) has educated leaders of local churches and organizations. LBCS was established in 1970, with a vision to provide holistic and transformative training for effective Christian ministry and leadership in Sri Lanka and beyond. Our mission is to serve and equip Christian leaders, through a holistic curriculum in residential and non-residential settings, to make a transformative impact on Church and society. 

Recognized for its academic excellence, LBCS is accredited by Asia Theological Association, ensuring that its programs meet high standards of quality and relevance. LBCS offers a wide range of academic programs, including diploma, undergraduate, and graduate degrees in theology, biblical studies, pastoral ministry, missions, holistic child development, counseling, and other related fields. These programs equip students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills for effective ministry. 

LBCS has a dedicated faculty of experienced pastors, scholars, and theologians who are committed to providing quality education and mentoring. Beyond academic pursuits, LBCS is actively engaged in various ministries and outreach efforts aimed at serving the local community, fostering spiritual formation, and addressing social issues. 

Overall, Lanka Bible College and Seminary plays a vital role in nurturing Christian leaders and spreading the gospel message in Sri Lanka and beyond, contributing to the advancement of the Church and the Kingdom of God in obedience to the Great Commission and Great Commandment. 

Prayer Requests

In light of the prevailing economic conditions in our country, faculty development programs are imperative. The challenge of brain drain, whereby faculty members seek better opportunities elsewhere, underscores the need to invest in retaining and nurturing our teaching staff.

The success of all our programs is paramount, not only for the growth of LBCS, but also for its profound impact on the Church and society. Our endeavors aim to equip individuals with the tools and knowledge necessary to effect positive change in their communities. 

The development of our limitless classroom initiative stands as a testament to our commitment to accessibility and innovation in education. This initiative empowers students to participate in our physical or online classes from any corner of the globe, transcending geographical barriers and fostering a dynamic learning environment. 

Pray for all students, staff, and faculty members of Lanka Bible College and Seminary. May we find strength, guidance, and inspiration as we pursue our academic and spiritual formation within the LBCS community. 

Pray for me and the LBCS leadership team. As we undertake the vital task of training men and women for holistic mission in local churches, may we be endowed with wisdom, discernment, and grace.

Lal Senanayake

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