Karishma Paul in India

Dear Friends,

This week, let us intercede for Karishma Paul in India.

With over 1.4 billion people (80% Hindu, 14% Muslim, 2% Christian, 2% Sikh), India is the world’s most populous nation. Megacities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata each have over 14 million residents. According to 2022 data from The World Bank, 36% of Indians live in urban areas. Over 450 million city dwellers are migrant workers from rural villages, disproportionately from “lower” castes or minority tribes. Let us remember in prayer those from around the world who remain subject to hazardous work conditions for minimal pay without job security or benefits.

Karishma is pursuing a PhD in New Testament from South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS), a partner of the Vital Sustainability Initiative. Her research examines historic portrayals of Jesus in the synoptic Gospels and from a South Asian perspective. Karishma is faculty-in-training at SAIACS in Bangalore, where she will teach Biblical Studies. Upon graduation, she will be one of two women professors at SAIACS. Karishma and her husband Samuel Johnson have a toddler son.
Karishma shares the following message:  

I would like prayers for my research, as I am in an intense period of writing and rewriting chapters for my dissertation. My area of research is in historical Jesus studies, focusing on the Gospel of Mark, and I am looking at it from a South Asian perspective. I am finding resources from within both South Asian culture and the Biblical context.
Pray for my mental and physical strength, and my determination for each day at work. Additionally, I would like to have a better work-life balance with a toddler at home. 
Pray also for the growing number of women biblical scholars in India to be effective witnesses for the church in India. 
Many regards,
Karishma Paul

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