Julie Lee Wu in Hong Kong

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Over the next few weeks, Christian leaders from China will be sharing prayer requests. The world’s most populous nation, China is home to over 1.4 billion people. Within 15 years, China may also have the world’s largest Christian population, as unregistered and registered churches continue to grow, despite new efforts to restrict and domesticate religion. Learn more about China here.

This week, please join us in prayer for Dr. Julie Lee Wu in Hong Kong.
A special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong is home to 7.3 million people. According to 2022 estimates, 14% of Hong Kongers identify as Taoists, 14% as Buddhists, 12% as Christians, 4% as Muslims, and 1% as Hindus. After 156 years of British colonial rule following the Opium Wars, Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997 and maintains its own jurisdiction under the “one country, two systems” policy. However, Beijing’s encroachments upon the city’s autonomy and civil liberties led to the 2019-2020 pro-democracy protests. In response, Beijing implemented a controversial national security law that criminalizes previously protected dissent and imposed electoral changes to block its critics from political power. Since then, over 144,000 Hong Kongers have emigrated to the United Kingdom and thousands more have relocated to Canada, Australia, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Hong Kong Skyline by Florian Wehde (Unsplash)

Since 2002 Julie has served as President of China Bible Seminary in Hong Kong. Originally founded in 1930 by Chinese Christian women in Shanghai, China Bible Seminary (CBS) was reestablished in Hong Kong in 1964. Emphasizing spirituality and missions in its curriculum, CBS prepares women and men for pastoral ministry, seminary teaching, Christian publication, and evangelism in China and beyond. Julie’s husband David also teaches at CBS.
One of Scholar Leaders’ earliest scholarship recipients, Julie earned a PhD in New Testament from Fuller Theological Seminary. In 2012, Scholar Leaders recognized Julie’s exceptional leadership with the Scholar Leader of the Year Award. The award contributed to the successful relocation and expansion of CBS’s main campus in Hong Kong.
Julie shares the following message:

Pray for Hong Kong

Due to social unrest and COVID-19’s attack in the last four years, many people have moved out of Hong Kong and immigrated to other countries. As a result, the city now suffers from a lack of skilled professionals, such as schoolteachers, medical doctors and nurses, lawyers, architects, etc. The economy has also been affected. Government officials have tried to recruit skilled professionals from other countries to fill the gaps. 

Similarly, attendance has gone down in many churches. We lack pastors and ministers because some have reached retirement age while others have immigrated to other countries. 

Please pray that the situation can be addressed to maintain the efficient quality once enjoyed in the city.

Pray for China Bible Seminary

Founded in Shanghai in 1930 and moved to Hong Kong in 1964, China Bible Seminary begins her 94th year of operation this year. Yet, due to the changing situation of the city, student enrollment has decreased year by year, as is the case for many seminaries in Hong Kong. 

Please pray that young and middle-aged Christians would be willing to see the need and accept God’s call to full-time ministry despite the uncertainties ahead.

Pray for My Family

By God’s grace, this year marks the beginning of my 22nd year of service as President of China Bible Seminary. My husband, Dr. David Wu, is also on the faculty of Systematic Theology and Church History, while serving as Head Librarian. We will be reaching retirement age in a few years. 

May the Lord continue to give us good health, wisdom, and courage to serve amid change. Please pray that the Lord will raise up new leaders to succeed the task entrusted to us. 

Julie Lee Wu

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