J. Daniel Salinas from Colombia

Dear Friends,

This week, please intercede with us for Dr. J. Daniel Salinas from Colombia.

Daniel is Associate Director of the Theological Education Initiative, a program of United World Mission. He also teaches for various theological schools on multiple continents, from Biblical Seminary of Colombia or FUSBC (Medellín, Colombia) to Fuller Theological Seminary (California, USA) to Asian Theological Seminary (Manila, Philippines). 
Previously, Daniel ministered with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) in Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Paraguay. Currently, he serves in the IFES Theology Advisory Group. This summer, Daniel will also assist with interpretation at the IFES World Assembly, which occurs every four years. This August 2-10, over 1,000 students, faculty, and other Christian leaders from around the world will gather at Perkantas Indonesia in Jakarta to learn from the Psalms about “Tabah dan Tangguh” (perseverance and resilience) as “Witnesses in the University and Beyond.”
ScholarLeaders supported Daniel during his PhD in Historical Theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Illinois, USA) and also awarded him a grant to complete his book, Taking Up the Mantle: Latin American Evangelical Theology in the 20th Century. Check out Daniel’s 2012 Global InsightsPastors, Prophets, and Prosperity. Daniel and his wife Gayna have three children.
Daniel shares the following prayer requests:

Fuller Spanish Summer Class
This summer, I will be teaching a virtual class in Spanish for Fuller Seminary: “The Church’s Understanding of the Church, Humanity, and the Christian Life in Its Historical Development.” Class materials need to be posted on the Canvas platform by June 5. The class starts on June 19 and will run for 10 weeks. I will be teaching from various locations because of previous commitments. Please pray for the preparation process and for the dependable high-speed internet needed for virtual teaching from different locations. 
IFES World Assembly
One of the places I will need teach my class from is Jakarta, Indonesia. I have been invited to assist the interpretation team at the IFES World Assembly (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students), August 2-10. 
There will also be meetings of the IFES Theology Advisory Group, of which I am a member. The interpretation team is required to arrive at least a couple of days earlier to debrief, get used to the new time zone, and get accustomed to the facilities and equipment. Portions of this World Assembly will be broadcasted live so that many around the world will be able to participate remotely. 
Please pray for the IFES World Assembly and the 1,000+ participants from all over the globe. Many of the local movements are still raising funds to send their delegates. Many people will need visas and transit visas. Pray for the translation team, so that all of us will be able to keep a clear mind for the task. 
We have been able to see our son Jonathan a few times during travels to California. He is well and continues to work for the Awning Company in construction. We appreciate any time we get together. 
Gayna continues working for the city, tending the flowerpots along the main street. We are thankful for good health, energy, and stamina to work each day. 
We appreciate your support and prayers for all these opportunities.
Ora pro nobis, 
Daniel Salinas

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