To encourage academic and intellectual exploration between Christians and Muslims in Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Dialogue and Integrity

Many of Scholar Leaders’ most dynamic teachers come from Muslim majority countries. Through years of closely listening to their needs and challenges, Scholar Leaders discerned a call to engage Islam in a new and context-specific way.

Islam is not a monolithic religion. It has ethnicities and identities that are integrated with faith, culture, language, and land. Scholar Leaders seeks a fresh opportunity for Majority World Christians to engage Islam in all its diversity.

To meet this goal, Dr. Wageeh Mikhail has initiated gathering Christian and Muslim theologians from the Majority world to create centers of dialogue in multiple countries, with the generous support from the Templeton Religion Trust and the John Templeton Foundation.

Network of Centers for Christian-Muslim Relations (NCCMR)

Dr. Mikhail and his colleagues seek to create a network of study centers where Christians and Muslims can engage in mutual study and dialogue without polemics or apologetics. Seeking to engage a deeper historical conversation, these centers will produce lecture series, books, translations, and other material that will mutually enrich both faiths.

Their mission is threefold:

To engage the Church

  • Equipping the Church intellectually to engage in meaningful dialogue and deep understanding of Muslim majority contexts.

To engage the Mosque

  • To understand Islam as understood and practiced by Muslims and provide a place where Muslims can equally learn about Christianity and Christian practice.

To engage Society

  • Christian and Muslim faith provides guidance for whole societies and individual believers, and identifying areas of cooperation and human flourishing is essential to the common good.
May 2023 Network of Centers for Christian-Muslims Relations