Hepziba Arputharaj from India

Dear Friends,

This week, please intercede with us for Hepziba Arputharaj from India.

Home to over 1.4 billion people, the Republic of India is the world’s most populous nation. India also has the world’s largest Hindu (80% of Indians) and third largest Muslim (14%) populations. Although only 2% of Indians are Christians – many of whom live in the country’s northeastern or southern states – 2% of 1.4 billion people means that the Church in India is 28 million-strong and growing! Join us in prayer for our Indian sisters and brothers as they proclaim Christ’s gospel and minster in His name, often amid prejudice and persecution.

Hepziba is pursuing a PhD in Intercultural Studies, focusing on Developmental Studies, at Asbury Theological Seminary (Kentucky, USA). Her dissertation examines the intergenerational impact of nonphysical violence in marital relationships. Hepziba’s research will equip her to educate families on healthy communication that honors each person as God’s image-bearer. Upon graduation, Hepziba will teach at Great Harvest Bible College (Chennai, Tamil Nadu).
In addition to her studies, Hepziba serves as Program Coordinator of the Eternus Foundation, which provides education for underprivileged children in Chennai. Hepziba is married to Elayaraj, who is also pursuing a PhD in Intercultural Studies at Asbury. They have two children in middle school: fourteen-year-old Jeremiah and twelve-year old Jessica.
Hepziba shares the following message:

I am so grateful to God and to each of you for your fervent prayers and generous support toward budding scholars like me. I thank God for His mercies and provision of wisdom, knowledge, strength, and good health through these past five months of focused reading, as I prepared for comprehensive exams.
Having completed coursework last summer and comprehensive exams in March, I am just starting to work on my dissertation, which will focus on the presence and impact of nonphysical (verbal, emotional, and psychological) violence in marital relationships. Nonphysical violence threatens the well-being not only of the present generation, but also of future generations, as it is a learned behavior. Through my research, I look forward to educating families about the power of healthy communication that recognizes God’s image in all humans and treats people with respect and dignity.
Prayer Requests
1. Please pray for me as I begin work on my dissertation. Pray for protected time, wisdom, perseverance, good health, and so on. 
2. Pray for my husband’s studies as he completes his coursework and prepares for comprehensive exams. Pray for our children to grow in the Lord and thrive in their education.
3. Pray for the upcoming general election (April – May 2024) to elect 543 members of the Lok Sabha. Pray for fair and peaceful elections. Pray for the Church to stand firm in her witness, despite the difficult times.
4. Pray for India’s religious minorities, particularly Christians and Muslims, who encounter oppression and atrocities unleashed against them from time to time. 
5. Pray for local churches to be effective witnesses through their altruistic care for the community, public engagement, transformational cultural practices, and peaceful living amid challenges.
Hepziba Arputharaj

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