Evangeline from China

Dear Friends,

This week, please pray with us for Evangeline from China.

The world’s most populous nation, China is home to over 1.4 billion people. According to 2020 data from Pew Research, 75% of Chinese are irreligious or practice folk religion, 18% are Buddhist, 5% are Christian, and 2% are Muslim. In recent years, the Chinese government has tightened control over religious minorities, detaining over a million Muslim Uighurs in concentration camps, shutting down and demolishing churches, arresting and surveilling prominent leaders, and censoring religious literature. Under the new Patriotic Education Law, which is part of China’s Zhongguo hua (Chinafication) policy, religious leaders must educate their congregations according to patriotic and socialist principles defined by the Chinese Communist Party.

Evangeline is pursuing a PhD in Educational Studies at Talbot School of Theology (Biola University in California). Her research will address secularization and postmodernism in China. Before commencing her program, Evangeline taught at an underground seminary. Scholar Leaders supports Evangeline’s studies through the Liefeld Scholarship.
Evangeline shares the following message:

Dear Scholar Leaders,
Due to security concerns, I will only use my English name, Evangeline. My Christian background is in the Chinese underground house church, and my father is a pastor. In 2010, my father and other servants of God established an underground seminary. I taught at this seminary for three years before coming to the United States to study.  
In my country, most seminaries are forced to remain underground. Therefore, security is always the most crucial concern for many schools. These days, the situation back in my home country is even worse, and the government has shut down many underground schools.  
Our school was also shut down in 2022, so we had to change to online teaching. The good thing was that we were able to reopen the school at a new location after a few months. We hope that God will protect them from being discovered by the government since we are already on the list. It will lead to big trouble if the government finds out that they have reopened the seminary. 
Prayer Requests 
1. Pray for the safety of all underground schools, churches, faculty members, and students.  
2. Pray for God to provide an overseas institution that is willing to cooperate with us and help us with academic development.  
3. Pray for more additional servants willing to join the community and serve God. 
4. Pray for religious freedom in China and for God’s protection over all the believers from persecution. 
5. Pray for my PhD studies. I started to write my dissertation this semester. May God give me more wisdom to finish my dissertation. 
In Him, 

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