Eva Wong Suk Kyun in Malaysia

Dear Friends,

This week, please join us in prayer for Dr. Eva Wong Suk Kyun in Malaysia.

Malaysia consists of West and East Malaysia, also known as Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo, separated by the South China Sea. Around 50% of Malaysia’s 33 million people are ethnic Malay, while 23% are Malaysian Chinese and 7% Malaysian Indian. Nearly 64% of Malaysians practice Islam, 19% Buddhism, 9% Christianity, and 6% Hinduism. Although Islam is the state religion, Malaysia’s constitution grants freedom of religion and conscience. Nevertheless, ethnic Malays are prohibited by law from converting to other faiths, and only Muslims are permitted to proselytize. 

Eva is the Spiritual Formation Director at Bible College of Malaysia (BCM), where she teaches fulltime. Established in 1960 as the national seminary of the Assemblies of God of Malaysia, BCM has equipped over one thousand graduates since its founding and now offers courses, at certificate to doctoral levels, in three languages. As a licensed Assemblies of God minister, Eva also serves on the denomination’s theological commission for developing a distinctively Malaysian Pentecostal theology that can speak to contextual issues.
ScholarLeaders supported Eva’s PhD studies in Theology at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies in the UK. Her dissertation focused on the development of Malaysian Pentecostalism in view of Joel’s prophecy, tracing over six decades of theology and practice in the Assemblies of God of Malaysia. Eva and her husband, Philip Chong, have two teenagers, Clarissa and Trevor.  
Eva shares the following message:

Warmest greetings! I am Eva Wong Suk Kyun from Bible College of Malaysia (BCM). I am truly grateful to ScholarLeaders for the great support throughout my PhD journey and the faithful prayer support from the SL community.
I appreciate your rejoicing with me for the successful completion of my PhD and the wonderful graduation at Oxford Centre for Mission Studies (OCMS) on 24 June 2022. All thanks go to God for the manifold support received from OCMS, SL, EMW, BCM, and the Assemblies of God (AG), as well as from my mentors, supervisors, colleagues, friends, and family. I am doubly thankful to God for the continuous strong support for my post-PhD ministry. OCMS is presently looking into publishing my thesis under Regnum Books.
Prayer Requests
I humbly request your prayers over the following matters:
1. I will be taking on a new ministry as Director of the Malaysia Pentecostal Research Centre, a new department of BCM that will be launched in September. We will be publishing an annual e-journal and hosting a Pentecostal conference next year. We are also looking into setting up both digital and physical archives, which will take time. Please pray for wisdom, guidance, resources, finances, manpower, contributions, and the development of the research center, so that it can promote Pentecostal scholarship and spirituality among current and future generations.
2. Pray for a fruitful post-PhD life and ministry for me as a faculty member and minister, so that I may contribute to the theological development of the AG Malaysia movement through Pentecostal theological education, the AG Theological Commission, and other future ministries.
3. It is my desire to contribute to the Christian community at large and to global Christianity through ecumenical platforms. Besides joining the 26th World Pentecostal Conference, I will be participating in the Global Christian Forum (Asia Regional Consultation) in October 2022. The theme is “Faithfulness in a Multifaith Context.” Kindly pray that these important events will impact nations.
4. BCM is expanding and starting a new building project to construct two blocks. One block will accommodate a new office, library, multipurpose hall, and set of meeting rooms and facilities. The other one will be an apartment block for housing overseas lecturers, students, and guests. Please pray for financial support and smooth progress.
5. Malaysia will be holding its 15th General Election in the near future. The time has not been announced yet. Kindly pray for good leadership that upholds justice, truth, and righteousness. Pray for peace and harmony in this multiethnic and multireligious nation, and a blessed future for the younger generations. Although we are a minority, may Christians continue to contribute significantly through nation-building and faithful witness.
Eva Wong Suk Kyun

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