Enoch Okode in Kenya

Dear Friends,

This week, please intercede with us for Dr. Enoch Okode in Kenya.

Located on the east coast of Africa, the Republic of Kenya has a population of around 55 million. Although 86% of Kenyans are Christians, prevailing syncretism and growing secularism point to the ongoing need for robust theological education and leadership. Despite the country’s relatively stable government and competitive economy, 18% of Kenyans live in dire poverty. The capital of Nairobi is a commercial and cultural center, with its own national park, but it is also home to Kibera, Africa’s largest urban slum. As Kenyan voters elect a new president on August 9, please join us in praying for fair processes, a peaceful outcome, and wise leadership that can serve the country well.

Enoch serves as Dean of the School of Theology at Scott Christian University (Machakos, Kenya), where he has taught Biblical and Theological Studies for several years. Established by the Africa Inland Mission in 1962, Scott was the first post-secondary theological institution in Africa to receive accreditation, in 1979, from the Accrediting Council for Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA). The University offers courses through its Schools of Theology, Education, and Professional Studies, and also publishes the Africa Journal of Evangelical Theology.

ScholarLeaders supported Enoch for his PhD in New Testament Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Illinois, USA). Enoch’s scholarship focuses on the sufficiency of Christ amid human suffering, Paul’s theology of reconciliation in Romans, and the discipleship of Luo believers in Western Kenya. Check out Enoch’s 2022 bookChrist the Gift and the Giver: Paul’s Portrait of Jesus as the Supreme Royal Benefactor in Romans 5:1-11. Enoch and his wife Virginia have two young daughters, CJ and BJ.

Enoch shares the following message:

Dear ScholarLeaders Prayer Community,
I am grateful for the opportunity to share prayer requests with you. I am married to Virginia and the Lord has blessed us with two girls, CJ and BJ.
I serve in Scott Christian University’s School of Theology as Dean and Lecturer. The School of Theology endeavors to produce graduates who love Christ and His church, interpret the Word rightly and proclaim it faithfully, exemplify Christlike gentleness and compassion, grow deeper in relationship with God and humans, and apply Scripture to life’s questions and challenges.
My passion is to magnify Christ by nurturing generations of men and women who are committed to gospel-centered discipleship and proclamation for God’s glory. Through our commitment to teaching, mentoring, preaching, and leading we are offering theological education that is christological, scriptural, and missional.
Prayer Requests
Please pray that God would:
1. Empower us to serve Scott wisely, faithfully, and boldly;
2. Use the School of Theology to nurture generations of humble leaders and faithful Bible expositors and ministers;
3. Provide scholarships for needy students;
4. Send more lecturers to the School of Theology; and
5. Watch over Kenya during the upcoming elections on August 9.
Thank you so much,
Enoch Okode

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