Emmanuel Mukeshimana from Rwanda

Dear Friends,

This week, please join us in prayer for Emmanuel Mukeshimana from Rwanda.

Located in East Africa, the mountainous country of Rwanda is home to 11.3 million people. According to the 2012 census, 50% of Rwandans are Protestant, 44% Catholic, and 2% Muslim. Rwanda has a very young population (43% under the age of 16) and still bears the scars of the 1994 genocide, during which 500,000 to 1.3 million Tutsis and moderate Hutus were killed in 100 days. Tens of thousands of women were raped and widowed. Since the genocide, many Rwandans have converted to Evangelical Christianity and to Islam.   

Emmanuel is pursuing a PhD in New Testament at Uganda Christian University. For his dissertation he is exploring Christ’s mission to the poor in Luke’s Gospel in order to construct a Christian model for poverty alleviation in Rwanda. Although the Rwandan economy has improved since the genocide, most Rwandans are poor and rely on subsistence farming. Emmanuel hopes that his findings will inform and strengthen the ministry of the Church, and also influence the Rwandan government. Emmanuel and his wife Emilienne have five children: Davis (11), Annabella (8), Daniel (3), Ariella (almost 2), and Adriella (1).

Emmanuel shares the following message:

Greetings in Jesus Name!
I am Rev. Emmanuel Mukeshimana from Rwanda, studying in Uganda. My PhD thesis is “Mission to the Poor in Luke 4:18-19, a Messianic Approach for Poverty Alleviation in Rwanda.”
Here are my prayer requests:
Pray for peace in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Burundi, Rwanda, and Eastern Democratic Republic). This region has been the territory of unending conflicts. Pray that people in East Africa will be able to move freely and that refugees will be able to return home.
As for my studies, pray for my viva voce (dissertation defense), which will be scheduled soon. Afterward, I will graduate and pursue suitable employment.
Pray for my family, for God’s protection and provision, and for good Christian schools for my children.
Emmanuel Mukeshimana

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