Elilo Ezung Serving Nepal

Dear Friends,

This week, please join us in prayer for Elilo Ezung. Originally from Nagaland in Northeast India, Elilo is faculty-in-training for Everest Theological Institute in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Nestled in the mighty Himalayas, Nepal lies between Tibet and India. Eight of the world’s ten tallest peaks, including Mount Everest, can be found in the country. A diverse nation, Nepal is home to nearly 31 million people (81% Hindu, 8% Buddhist, 5% Muslim, 3% Kirat, 2% Christian) from 125 ethnic groups speaking 123 languages. Nepal is also the birthplace of Gautama Buddha and was the world’s only Hindu monarchy until it became a secular republic following a peaceful democratic revolution in 2006. Amid rapid urbanization, political corruption and economic challenges have multiplied frustrations among many Nepali, even spurring recent royalist demonstrations in Kathmandu.

Elilo is pursuing a PhD in World Christianity from the University of Edinburgh (UK). Her research explores Pneumatology in the Naga context, examining the role of the Holy Spirit in forming Christian community, distributing spiritual gifts, and bringing reconciliation. Prior to her studies, Elilo served as Director of Christian Education for the Naga Christian Fellowship (Pune, India). After graduation, Elilo will teach at Everest Theological Institute (Kathmandu, Nepal), where her husband Sashi also serves. 
Elilo shares the following message:

Dear Scholar Leaders Family,
I am Elilo Ezung from Nagaland, Northeast India. I am faculty-in-training for Everest Theological Institute (ETI) in Kathmandu, Nepal, where I will serve after the completion of my studies. My husband, Sashi, also serves at ETI. 
I thank God for his faithfulness and leading in my life, particularly on this PhD journey. Currently, I am in my fourth year of PhD studies in World Christianity at the University of Edinburgh. My research focuses on the understanding of the Holy Spirit among indigenous Nagas through a generational lens. 
Over the past three months, I have been on leave from my studies due to personal reasons. I am now back in Edinburgh and transitioning back into my studies. Please pray that I will be disciplined in my use of time, since this is my fourth year and I have much left to do.
Last month, I was able to spend some time at ETI in Kathmandu, and it made me reflect deeply on the importance of theological education for the Church in Nepal. 
Prayer Requests
Please pray for students at ETI to do well in their studies. Since most of them are engaged in full-time ministries, it is a challenge for many to balance their academic life and ministry leadership. 
Please also pray for the five faculty members of ETI, that they will be physically strengthened and spiritually encouraged as they follow the Lord’s calling to equip the Church in Nepal. As ETI looks forward to a new academic year, please pray for the Lord’s provision for the Institute’s financial needs.
Christianity is growing in Nepal, so there is greater urgency to equip Christian leaders biblically and theologically. The Nepali Church needs the Global Church to help and support them in this season of growth. Likewise, there is so much to learn from the Nepali Christian community’s passion, perseverance, and faith. 
Please pray that Nepali Christians will stand firm in faith and grow in maturity as they live amid challenging circumstances. Please pray fervently for Christian leaders who are committed to the ministry of nurturing and discipling others. Pray that the number of such leaders will multiply.
Elilo Ezung

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