Elias Ghazal from Lebanon

Dear Friends,

Thank you for interceding with us this week for Elias Ghazal from Lebanon.

The Republic of Lebanon is bordered by Syria to the north and the east, Israel to the south, and the Mediterranean Sea to the west. Once settled by the Ancient Canaanites and Phoenicians, the region later flourished as a Christian center. Today, Lebanon is home to around 5 million people, of whom 68% are Muslims, 32% Christians, and 5% Druze. Since 2019, Lebanon has been in dire economic and political crisis, after years of corruption, poor governance, and debt. As Lebanon’s currency has lost up to 98% of its value, its people face vanishing savings, skyrocketing costs, and shortages of food, fuel, medicine, and electricity. Join us in prayer for our Lebanese siblings and neighbors, that the Lord would sustain and encourage them.

Elias is pursuing a PhD in International Relations at Lancaster University in the UK. His research focuses on sustainable peacebuilding alternatives for the Middle East. While completing his studies, Elias also serves as Executive Director of the Middle East and North Africa Association for Theological Education (MENATE). Founded in 1992 as a nonprofit organization, MENATE serves seminaries and churches in the MENA region by providing opportunities for fellowship, networking, professional development, and accreditation services.
Previously, Elias taught at Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS), a Vital Sustainability client in Beirut, Lebanon. He also directed programs at ABTS’s Institute of Middle East Studies. Elias and his wife Joyce have four children: Lara (9), Karl (7), Sophia (4), and Ruby (2).
Elias shares the following message:

I give thanks for drawing closer to finishing the PhD. Pray that God may grant me endurance to finish well by the summer.
Pray for new opportunities too, as a new chapter is about to begin.
Pray that I can continue to serve at the Middle East and North Africa Association for Theological Education (MENATE) faithfully and with passion.
Pray that I can trust God and rely on Him to provide as I lead my family.
Elias Ghazal

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