Edmond Vanderpuye from Ghana

Dear Friends,

This week, please join us in prayer for Edmond Vanderpuye from Ghana.

Located in West Africa, Ghana was among the first African countries to throw off the yoke of European colonialism, gaining independence in 1957. According to a 2021 census, 71% of Ghana’s 34 million people identify as Christians and 20% as Muslims. Long recognized for its political stability, religious tolerance, and mineral resources, Ghana currently faces an economic crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic and Russo-Ukrainian War. Last year, inflation soared to over 40% while the local currency (cedi) lost over half its value. In May, Ghana secured a $3 billion (USD) loan from the International Monetary Fund to help stabilize its economy. 

Congratulations to Edmond, who recently defended his thesis! After completing revisions, Edmond will be graduating with his PhD in Theology and Development from the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies in the UK. His research investigates effective and sustainable models for Christian social enterprise. 
Edmond’s studies will inform his leadership as the first General Secretary of International Needs, a global network of holistic development ministries serving in over 30 countries. In a 2022 Global InSights piece, he explores the question, “Why are Social Enterprises Key to Fulfilling Jesus’ Mission?” Edmond and his wife Nana have four children.
Edmond shares the following message:

Dear Scholar Leaders Community, 

Thank you for the opportunity to share an update. It is encouraging to be part of this caring community and to experience fervent prayer support every week. May this letter find you enveloped in the boundless grace and love of God. 

My Research

I am a research scholar at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies (OCMS). Currently, I am working on revisions after a successful defense of my thesis. My research inquires into how Faith-Based Social Enterprises (FBSE) in Ghana address tensions arising from their social, financial, and spiritual objectives through organizational spirituality to promote holistic and sustainable outcomes. 

Country Context 

Ghana, a land of delightful landscapes and vibrant cultures, has been blessed with a rich history of faith and spirituality. As a nation, we have seen tremendous growth in the number of churches, with more opportunities remaining to deepen discipleship and Christian witness in the marketplace. Marketplace ministry holds great potential to positively influence society with Godly values. 

Currently, the country is experiencing a rough time with myriad economic challenges resulting in a loan program with the International Monetary Fund. 

Prayer Requests

May I kindly request that you lift us up in prayer as a global community of faith.

1. Praise God for the successful defense of my thesis. 

2. Pray for renewal and strength through the final stages of completing my thesis.

3. Pray for the Church in Ghana to prioritize discipleship and to demonstrate Christian values in public engagements. 

4. Pray for missionaries, church planters, and pastors to boldly proclaim the gospel and to shine the glorious light of Jesus among unreached people groups and communities.

5. Praise God for the ministry of International Needs and its impact in over 30 countries. Pray for greater impact through Christ-centered programs and projects to transform lives and change communities. 

Edmond Vanderpuye

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