From our founding, we have advocated for women in theological leadership. Over the years, we have noticed that some of the strongest applicants to our Leader Studies doctoral scholarship program are women. However, many of those applicants have had to overcome significant barriers – family pressures, denominational exclusion, cultural expectations – in order to realize their full potential in theological leadership. When they enter PhD programs, they may encounter a steep learning curve before they can succeed fully at the highest academic levels because of these barriers.

Our dream is for women from the Majority World to be able to pursue their gifts in theology so that they can have abundant, long-term impact on their churches and societies.

One way to make that dream a reality is to help Majority World women prepare to apply to PhD programs by addressing the educational inequalities they face. Therefore, in partnership with Duke Divinity School, we are sponsoring a cohort of four Majority World women to earn ThMs in theology. The ThM degree will counteract some of the educational headwinds these women have faced and prepare them to apply to the world’s most rigorous PhD programs – thereby moving them more directly toward global impact.

Meet the first cohort of ThM students and download a prayer guide: