David Tarus in Kenya

Dear Friends,

Thank you for interceding with us for Dr. David Tarus in Kenya.

Located on the east coast of Africa, the Republic of Kenya has a population of over 49 million. Although 83% of Kenyans are Christians (48% Protestant and 24% Catholic), prevailing syncretism and growing secularism point to the ongoing need for robust theological education and leadership. Despite the country’s relatively stable government and competitive economy, 18% of Kenyans live in dire poverty. The capital of Nairobi is a commercial and cultural center, with its own national park, but it is also home to Kibera, Africa’s largest urban slum.

David Tarus completed his PhD in Theology at McMaster University in Canada, focusing on Christian peace building in Kenya. His dissertation presented an African reformed theology of ethnic cohesion for Kenya, where 1,300 died and another 600,000 were displaced in the violent aftermath of the Dec. 2007 elections. Along with Gordon Heath, Chair of World Christianity at McMaster University, David co-edited Christian Responses to Terrorism: The Kenyan Experience (2017), in which 17 Christian theologians, pastors, historians, ethicists, and Islam scholars contemplate varied Kenyan Christian responses to terrorism and al-Shabaab, from military action and peace building to interreligious dialogue and poverty alleviation.

Currently, David serves as Executive Director of the Association for Christian Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA). David and his wife Jeane have two children: Berur (7 years) and Tala (almost 2).

David shares the following message:

Dear ScholarLeaders,
Receive my greetings from Kenya and thank you for the invitation to present my prayer requests. 
I serve as the Executive Director of the Association for Christian Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA), a continent-wide organization that serves theological institutions through accreditation, networking, and support services. 
Here are some prayer requests for the ACTEA and myself:
1. Kindly pray for me as I serve the ACTEA. I am still new in office and there is a lot to learn. 
2. Kindly pray for my family as we plan to relocate to Nairobi, where the ACTEA office is located. We are still searching for a house and school for our children. 
3. Kindly pray for the ACTEA, that it will fulfill its mission and vision of offering accreditation, support, and networking services to institutions in Africa. 
4. Kindly pray for the ACTEA’s vision of sustainability. The ACTEA is in the process of raising funds for its office in downtown Nairobi. We are behind schedule on the payment and we are really trusting God for provision.
5. Finally, kindly pray for the ACTEA Council Meeting in Angola in October. Pray for council members and for the success of this important annual meeting. The members have a lot to deliberate and need to make important decisions. 
Sincerely yours,
David Tarus

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