David Muthukumar in India

Dear Friends,

Please pray with us for David Muthukumar in India.

 Home to over 1.38 billion people, India is not only the second most populous nation in the world, but also the country with the most Hindus (80% of Indians) and the third highest concentration of Muslims (14%). Nationwide, around 2% of the population are Christians, many of whom live in the northeastern or southern states.  In recent years, the Hindu nationalist agenda of India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata party has threatened the democracy’s religious freedoms, and emboldened violence against Muslims and other religious minorities.

David is pursuing a PhD in Systematic Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary. Through his research, supported by the Brian Prinn Memorial Scholarship, David seeks to articulate clearly what makes Jesus Christ unique among the many deities worshiped across the Indian subcontinent. David hopes that his work can promote conversation and understanding, so that Christians can reach their Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh neighbors more effectively with the Gospel. A PhD will strengthen David’s teaching ministry and leadership at Union Biblical Seminary in Pune, India. David and his wife Catherine have two sons: Nehem (19) and Tim (16).

David shares the following message:

Dear ScholarLeaders Prayer Partners,
I am very grateful to God, and also extend my deep thanks to ScholarLeaders for the continued prayer and financial support toward my PhD studies at Fuller Theological Seminary. I am thankful to the family of Mr. Prinn as I continue to receive the Brian Prinn Memorial Scholarship, which has enabled me to pursue this endeavor. 
I am in the fifth and final year of my PhD program in Systematic Theology at Fuller. My heart is filled with gratitude to God, as I have been able to successfully complete doctoral seminars, foreign language requirements (German, Latin, and French), and comprehensive exams, and enter this final phase of dissertation writing. My first two chapters, written under the guidance of my mentor, Prof. Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen, have been approved without any modification and I am currently writing the final one with Dr. Kirsteen Kim, my second mentor. I hope to defend my dissertation in this summer.
I have returned early to my home institution, Union Biblical Seminary (UBS) in Pune, India, and am pursuing my dissertation writing from here. I will resume my teaching ministry in April. My wife, Catherine, and our younger son, Tim, are presently staying in the housing provided by UBS. My elder son, Nehem, has successfully completed his first semester as a freshman at Calvin University in Grand Rapids, MI, where he is pursuing an undergraduate degree in philosophy. Thank you for all your prayers and support toward his admission. I am seeking admission into a high school in India for my younger son, Tim, who will be a junior next year. Kindly remember him in your prayers.
My doctoral studies, thus far, have been a greatly enriching experience, both intellectually and spiritually, as I have grown into a closer relationship with God, and am ready to continue my academic writing and teaching. Please do pray for me in the final dissertation writing process. Again, I express my sincere thanks to you for your prayers and support. Be assured of our prayers for the ministry of ScholarLeaders and for the Prinn family. 
David Muthukumar

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