Medhat Fayez

Country: Egypt

School: Fordham (USA)

Area of Study: Church History

Research Focus: How the early Church fathers developed Christian identity, and how this grounds Egypt’s Evangelical churches today.

Dina Bishay

Country: Egypt

School: Princeton

Area of Study: Educational Studies

Research Focus: An analysis of how politics & culture have affected education in Egypt, especially Christian education

Ramsis Saleeb

Country: Egypt

School: Heidelberg

Area of Study: Systematic Theology

Research Focus: The theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer in relation to Athanasius of Alexandria.

Anne Zaki

Country: Egypt

School: Fuller Theological Seminary (USA)

Area of Study: Homiletics

Research Focus: Examining the distinctive Egyptian preaching and worship traditions that emerged during the revolutions of 2011 and 2013.

Rania Hendy

Country: Egypt

School: Asbury Theological Seminary (USA)

Area of Study: Old Testament

Research Focus: A comparative analysis of the "Oracles Concerning Egypt" in the major prophets as a way to understand modern Egyptian identity.