Comentário Bíblico Latino-Americano

Our May book of the month is Comentário Bíblico Latino-Americano to which ten members of the Scholar Leaders fellowship contributed. The work involves dozens of thematic articles from theologians from different nationalities, cultures, and ministries, to encourage readers to deepen their knowledge of the Word of God.

A number of the contributing authors have been involved in ministries of Scholar Leaders, including as Leader Studies (LS) scholars, members of the Women’s Peer Leader Forum (WPLF), and recipients of the Scholar Leader of the Year Award (SLOY): Ruth Padilla de Borst (WPLF), Johan Centeno (LS), Martin Eitzen (LS), Nelson Morales Fredes (LS), Yohanna Katanacho (LS, SLoY), Dinorah Mendez (WPLF), Jules Martinez Oliveri (LS), Daniel Salinas (LS), Daniel Santos (LS), and Elizabeth Sendek (SLoY).

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