Dear Friends,

Over the next several weeks, we will be sharing prayer updates from leaders serving Southeast Asia. Home to approximately 10% of the global population, Southeast Asia is an economically, culturally, and religiously diverse region. Roughly 40% of Southeast Asians practice Islam, and Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world. Although Christians mostly live as minorities, they constitute the majority in the Philippines and East Timor, and the Church is growing rapidly in countries like Cambodia and Vietnam. For more information on Southeast Asia, visit our Prayer Community page.

This week, please join us in prayer for Chung Man Anna Lo. Originally from Hong Kong, Anna served as a missionary and professor in Cambodia, where 98% of the nation’s 15 million people are Buddhist and 1% Christian. Currently, Anna is pursuing a PhD at Fuller Theological Seminary. Her research focuses on the Covenant in Exodus 19-24.

After graduation, Anna and her husband Kakda will return to the mission field as church planters and professors at a newly formed Christian university called Glow Cambodia. Anna is the current recipient of the Pierson Scholarship.

Anna shares the following message:

I am originally from Hong Kong but worked at a Bible school in Phnom Penh before furthering my studies at Fuller Theological Seminary. My husband, Kakda Chan, was also a teacher at that Bible school. Cambodia has a strong need of trained pastors and church leaders. Higher educational levels of younger generations call for higher levels of theological training. We therefore decided to further our studies in the United States in hopes of joining our colleagues later in order to open a theology school that offers graduate-level programs.
I am now working on my dissertation. The working title is “A Struggle of the Imperialized: A Postcolonial Analysis of Exodus 19–24.” I aim to understand the rhetoric of this passage in relation to ancient Near Eastern laws by paying attention to the fact that this passage was written by an imperialized people who lived under the shadow of empire. I hope that this study will help us to understand more about how the ancient Israelites, as an imperialized people and the people of God, responded to empire through their writings.
Here are our prayer requests:
1. Pray for the wisdom that I need for my research and dissertation writing, and for the wisdom that Kakda needs for his English studies at a nearby college. 
2. Pray for comfort as we lost our daughter Yashar, who passed away two days after she was born, due to Trisomy 13, in March 2019.
3. Pray for Kakda’s ThM applications. He has received an admission offer from one of the schools, but is still waiting for the scholarship offer. He is also still waiting for application results from another school.
4. Pray for justice, peace, and love in both Cambodia and Hong Kong. 
Anna Lo