A Message from Wageeh Mikhail, Director of Engagement with Islam

Respect and understanding are necessary steps in establishing the kinds of mutually beneficial relationships that make for good community. For this reason, Scholar Leaders has created a new curriculum that contributes to a better understanding of Islamic history and theology, in order to enhance Christian and Muslim relations.

It was my honor to lead the development of this curriculum and it is my pleasure to now share the Christian-Muslim Relations Online Course with you. You can download the study below in either Arabic or English.

Arabic  Version
English Version

This curriculum is a comprehensive approach to understanding Islamic history/theology and Christian-Muslim relations. The curriculum is two Master’s degree level courses, and each course has three topics. Its layout is as follows:

Course I: History of Islam

Islam in History – Dr. Tharwat Wahib, Egypt, 12 lectures;

Early Christian-Muslim Relations – Dr. Wageeh Mikhail, Egypt, 12 lectures;

Contemporary Christian-Muslim Relations – Dr. John Azumah, Ghana, 12 lectures.

Course II: Theology of Islam

The Trinity and the Oneness of God in Christianity and Islam – Dr. Imad Shehadeh, Jordan, 12 lectures;

Islamic Philosophy – Dr. Alexander Massad, Lebanon/USA, 9 lectures;
Islamic Theology – Dr. Martin Accad, Lebanon, 12 lectures.

Please note that the link will only open in Moodle or Canvas. Your IT or online education staff should be able to import the files into the LMS you use. Once imported into Moodle or Canvas, you will find the following: video lectures, sample syllabi, interactive and reflective questions, lecturers’ résumés, and extra online materials.

You may contact Mr. Sameh Naim, our Moodle expert, in case you encounter technical issues. However, if you have any content-related questions, please feel free to email me here.

May the Lord Jesus be glorified through this curriculum!

Wageeh Mikhail
Director of Engagement with Islam

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