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Jacob Cherian on True vs. Fake Gospels

Jacob Cherian (LeaderStudies) recently spoke on “Good News in a World of Fake News” as part of the Lausanne Movement Theology Working Group. You can read a summary article or watch the whole webinar. The webinar is the first in a three-part series.

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Enoch Okode: Sermon on God’s Sovereignty

Enoch Okode (LeaderStudies) preached a beautiful sermon in April 2020 about God’s sovereignty. As the world continues to mourn COVID and as we continue in the season of Lent, may his words bring comfort and hope. (Enoch is now Dean of Scott Christian University in Kenya.)

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Seblewongel Denneque on “Why a PhD?”

Dr. Seblewongel Denneque from Ethiopia, a LeaderStudies recipient, talks about how a PhD has been essential to her ministry: “I really feel responsible…. I need to write, I need to do research, I need to raise leaders, educate others.” Seble returned to Ethiopia to help lead the Child Development Training and Research Center in Addis

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