Catalytic Ventures

A privilege and challenge of working with leaders in many contexts is that we see ministry opportunities that are difficult for one leader from a single context to address. From these opportunities, we choose to pursue a few to which we refer as Catalytic Ventures.

Women in Theological Leadership

We have encouraged women as theological leaders throughout our history. Currently, 30% of LeaderStudies recipients are women. As we interact with these leaders, we have learned that Christian Majority World women leaders face multifaceted pressures. A woman may serve as the only senior woman in her context, live in a society with no pattern for women in prominent positions, frequently be asked to speak before large audiences in addition to her normal professional duties, and sustain a family. To encourage such women in theological leadership, in 2017 we initiated an annual Women’s PeerLeader Forum. The WPLF met in 2018 in conjunction with ICETE, when it expanded. Participants in the WPLF — from Latin America, Africa, and Asia — share their experiences, counsel, and encourage one another. Attendees have received the WPLF with joy, and they hope to continue to expand the ministry to other women.

Here, you can read the organizers’ 2018 update.


In the Majority World, adherents of religions other than Christianity predominate or at least form a substantial minority. Yet we often observe a lack of understanding of other faiths by Christian leaders — and of Christianity by leaders of other faiths. Religious communities cooperate for the common good in far too few situations, partly due to lack of opportunity. With that in mind, we gather experts to identify openings for the expression of Christian faith in society.

In 2019, this work led to formation of The Sanneh Institute in Accra, Ghana.