Author Bio

Sunday Agang is the Provost at the ECWA (Evangelical Church of West Africa) Theological Seminary in Kagoro, Nigeria (ETSK). He is also the founder of Gawon Ministries, which provides humanitarian and spiritual care for widows and orphans. In addition, he has written two books on a Christian response to religious violence: "The Impact of Ethnic, Political, and Religious Violence on Northern Nigeria and a Theological Reflection on Its Healing" and "We Have No More Cheeks to Turn." He earned his PhD in Ethics at Fuller Theological Seminary in 2007. Sunday and his wife Sarah have four children.

Does Christianity Have a Public Face?

I grew up in a church that did not teach the public implications of my faith That is, we did not consider the implications of following Jesus for personal or societal ethics and practice Instead, our concentration was on the importance of faith for salvation This is true of most churches in my..... read more