Author Bio

Salim J. Manayer is the Founder and Executive Director of Musalaha Reconciliation Ministries. He began this work in 1990 during the First Intifada. Since then, Musalaha has been recognized worldwide for its model of promoting reconciliation and understanding among women, children, and young adults through teaching, conferences, and desert encounters. Participants then influence their communities by forgiving others and encouraging reconciliation. Salim has also served on the faculty of Bethlehem Bible College since its founding in 1979. He is the author of five books and several articles on reconciliation, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and Christian-Palestinian identity. Salim earned his PhD at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies and was the 2009 ScholarLeader of the Year.

Looking Back on Leadership

When you finish your studies, in seminary or Bible college, you will be full of ideas, information and excitement You will want to return home, and implement what you have learned, imparting knowledge and being a blessing to your own people Unfortunately when you do come back, a harsh reality is..... read more