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Supported by the special COVID-19 relief fund, Oriental Theological Seminary in India served as a COVID-19 quarantine facility this spring. OTS is nestled in 80 acres of forest outside the city of Dimapur. Its staff warmly care for a diverse student body. In the wake of COVID-19, OTS is guiding the Baptist Convention (Nagaland’s biggest denomination) to reach out to thousands of young people who returned to Nagaland due to the pandemic. Nagaland lacks job opportunities, so OTS is seeking to equip these young returnees with basic skills in the face of economic uncertainty. Their love for God and neighbor overflows in many other ways, including a concern for justice manifested in a campaign against political election corruption.

Living Theology: The Seminary as a Quarantine Center

The coronavirus pandemic has not spared even a remote place like Nagaland in northeast India, where Oriental Theological Seminary (OTS) is located When India’s government announced a lightning lockdown on March 23, 2020, millions of migrant workers suddenly left large cities for their hometowns..... read more