Author Bio

Matthias Gergan has family across India’s Himalayas as well as friendships in the Tibetan Buddhist community. Called to leave a career in engineering and IT to serve the Church directly, Matthias began his PhD at Asbury Theological Seminary in Intercultural Studies in 2017 with a SCHOLARLEADERS LeaderStudies scholarship. His research helps the Himalayan Church understand its identity in Christ despite increasing political, social, and ethnic tensions. He has also served as faculty at Doon Bible College in India.

Who Am I? Where Do I Belong?

We rattled along the road to a centuries-old Tibetan Buddhist monastery in a rickety Japanese van The latest hits on the US charts blared on the stereo We shouted in a mix of Hindi, Urdu, English, Nepali, and Ladakhi, trying to be heard over the racket of the music and the van bouncing over the..... read more