Author Bio

Marcos Orison de Almeida is a Professor and the Director of Communications and Development at South American Theological Seminary (SATS) in Londrina, Brazil. Originally trained as an engineer, Marcos was among the first graduates of SATS’s Bachelor of Theology program. He went on to earn his Master of Theology before joining the SATS faculty and has served in many capacities, including as Director of Administration and Finance and Executive Director. Marcos taught at SATS while completing his PhD in Urban Ministry at Fuller Theological Seminary. Marcos has served as a Board Member of ScholarLeaders since 2008. He and his wife Patricia have two children.

Wow! I’m Kind of Dizzy

Two years ago my son asked to go for a spinning ride at an amusement park He was excited about the experience, but as soon as that little car started to spin faster and faster I heard him shouting to the operator: ‘Stop!’ His little face was full of despair Sometimes I feel like asking God..... read more